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CGV cinemas open gradually – Cinemags

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Missing watching movies at the cinema can be overcome, because CGV cinemas are gradually opening.

Referring to the press release that was submitted, then this opening will take place in stages starting on 16 September 2021. This is in accordance with the government’s appeal, as well as based on discussions with the GPBSI (Indonesian Cinema Entrepreneurs Association), namely that when the situation is better, cinema openings can take place on condition that strict health protocols are followed along with regular cleaning procedures in the cinema area.

Of course, this opening also brings the Peduli Protect application platform, as has been socialized on CGV social media, among others, as below.

The films that can be watched when the CGV cinema is open include Black Widow, Shang-Chi, Malignant, The Suicide Squad, Free Guy, Snake Eyes, Space jam, Stillwater, Hard Hit, Escape From Mogadishu, Blackpink : The Movie.

To welcome the return of audiences to the cinema, CGV Cinemas also launched a Super Jumbo One Bag Popcorn product, which can be refilled upon arrival, when F&B is already in effect.

Actually this Popcorn One Bag has been on sale since before the cinema reopened through the online application platform, so for Movie Lovers who come back when F&B has been re-enacted, they can bring the bag, and will get a special price when purchasing popcorn.

There is also something exciting going forward, namely the CGV cinema will hold offline events such as the KIFF (Korean Indonesia Film Festival) 2021, which is an art and cultural exchange between Indonesia and Korea, as well as various other activities if the situation is more conducive.

cgv cinemags cgv cinemags

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