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Cappadocia’s Pasabag Valley, Turkey’s Version of a Fairyland Vacation

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Travel Directory – Many volcanic rocks are antique at the Cappadocia site, Turkey. There are chimneys to camel stones or you can say Camel Rock. Cappadocia is indeed a region famous for its beautiful history and nature.

Cappadocia's Pasabag Valley, Turkey's Version of a Fairyland Vacation

Many volcanic rocks with various shapes and beauty are scattered everywhere. Some have a shape like a chimney (pasabag). But there are those who judge it, the rocks are sharp and on top of it there is a boulder that has the exact shape of a mushroom. And Pasabag Valley or Pasabag Valley which is one of the natural vacation spots in Cappadocia.

Pasabag Valley is a beautiful valley in Turkey. The arrangement of the rocks from there is like in a fairy tale, has a shape like a giant mushroom and some look like animals.

Pasabag is also known as the Monks Valley and is the location of a karst valley. The arrangement of antique stones with charming shapes makes this place more popular with many travelers from within the country or abroad.

There are several tens of mountain rock formations in this valley, until there is a rock tip that has a shape like a priest’s hat in the past. A number of mountain rock formations such as pigeons, camels, etc. In addition, in the Pasabag Valley there are also hiding caves used by the Christian community in the past.

Pasabag Valley History

Initially, Pasabagi Valley was called “Monks Valley”. This name originates from a mystical event related to a monk.

Pasabag Valley History

According to an issue, in the fourth century, there was a monk who had the name St. Simeon is famous by the people in the place with a number of oddities.

Everyday, many people come to him to see his sichir which further confuses the monk.

Therefore, he fled to the Pasabagi Valley today to retire and live a spiritual lifestyle as a hermit in a cell in this glorious valley. it begins to live at the top of a column with a height of 2 m, then moves to a height of 15 m.

There he only came down occasionally to get drinks and food carried by many of his apostles.

After that, many of the peasants formed the Chapel of St. Siemon by carving a fairy chimney with 3 heads for him to reflect their respect.

In addition, they built other chapels, churches which were added with antithetical crosses and seating areas on the antique fairy chimneys of this beautiful valley. This arrangement includes an oven, a house and a bed and a nice little window to let the sunlight in.

At the time of the Turkish War of Independence, the great valley, the oddity of nature belonged to the vineyard of Pasha (meaning military rank in Turkish) . So the name comes from the general.

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Therefore, it is also known as the Pasabagi Valley today. Now, giving it comfort, loneliness, security and pleasure, the valley gets a natural beauty of visitors that causes people to embark on an inner journey.

Pasabag Valley Story

There is a chapel in the cave made as a form of respect for the priest Simeon (Simon). It is said that he lived on a hill 15 meters high, and that many of his students brought food and drink up the valley. Local residents then believe that some valleys are occupied by many fairies who protect the surrounding population.

Pasabag Valley is famous for its mushroom collection of stones

In Pasabag Valley we can see many giant stones that have a mushroom-like shape. The giant rock soared high. The arrangement of these volcanic rocks is similar to a number of building pillars.

There is a collection of these stones that are independent, but there are piles and the same as hoarding. Up in a rock that has a shape like a chimney.

These rocks were made by volcanic eruptions in the past. There are two volcanoes flanking the Cappadocia location.

Antiques, only in the Pasabag area that has the shape of a stone like a mushroom or a chimney.

These rocks are believed to be the final form after experiencing the longest evolution. If you look closely, this giant stone chimney, in fact, is a residence and a place of admiration in the past. On each stone is a kind of dining room.

In some other stones there is a place of admiration for the soul of the predecessor. Unfortunately in this holiday position there is no resting place for the travelers who attend. Although actually in the summer the place is so hot because it is arid. On the other hand, in winter it is very cold because the position is so open.

On some sides it is known as the pigeon valley, because the uninhabited spaces in the cave are now used as pigeon nests. And we feel like we are in our favorite home, several hundred and several thousand mountain rocks with mushroom-like arrangements scattered over the Cappadocia location.

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It’s really beautiful to see on a hill or it could be with a hot air balloon. Here we can style a camel ride and even rent a camel with a rental price of 20 Lira.

Pasabag Valley Position

Pasabag in Cappadocia is on the road to Zelve, origin from Goreme or Avanos. The greatest pillar of the earth can be seen here, in the middle of the vineyard, hence the name of the place which means, “Pacha Vineyard”.

Pacha means “General”, a military rank, in Turkish and it is a common nickname. This web is also called Monks Valley. The name derives from a number of cones made in separate tuff stones. Today, there is a vineyard and some tuff standing right by the side of the road.[]

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