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Calling All Fashionistas! Enrich Your Fashion Knowledge With These 5 Awesome Documentaries

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Get ready for a movie marathon.

Bela, your curiosity about the fashion industry will soon be answered through the film. Yep, as we know the fashion industry is very vibrant so it’s only natural if it is immortalized in cinema works. That’s why, this time Popbela made a summary of the 5 coolest documentaries to increase your fashion knowledge. These films are known to be able to thoroughly explore the busyness behind the majesty fashion week as well as how hard the people behind the work of famous designers work. In addition, Bela will also be invited to get acquainted with new figures who dedicate their lives to the fashion world. Okay, let’s find out then.

1. Dior and I

This film documents the early work of Raf Simons as creative director of Christian Dior in 2012. It is very interesting and intense to see Raf who only had 8 weeks to prepare his first collection for this fashion house. Dior and I will open your eyes that designer pieces involving people who are far from glamorous, such as textile makers and seamstresses who sew with their hands. Impressive right?

2. Iris

Iris Apfel was a fashion guru even before the term existed. This woman with a very interesting character has a long history in the fashion world, including cooperation in textile affairs with the White House. Wow. Amazing career and great style extraordinary make Iris a fashion icon which is rare. Come on, acquainted with this eccentric personality in the film Iris.

3. The First Monday In May

The Met Gala is a fashion moment that is eagerly awaited every year. Taking place at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, the event was attended by celebrities, socialites and other VIPs. The First Monday In May invites you to see how to prepare for the grandest fashion event that wants to combine fashion and art through fashion works exhibited at the museum. The details in this film will satisfy your eyes because it is dominated by artsy pieces glamorous oriental theme.

4. Jeremy Scott

Vibrant but personal. This film doesn’t just tell behind the scenes fashion show Moschino led by Jeremy Scott, but also the life journey of the creative director. Not many know that Jeremy comes from a small town with a very simple family background. One of highlights interesting this film is about Jeremy’s courage to produce works pop culture which were previously seen as less elegant.

5. Women He’s Undressed

For you movie fans vintage old era, you must watch this film. Women He’s Dressed tells the story of an Orry-Kelly film costume designer who designed clothing for iconic films such as Casablanca, An American in Paris and Oklahoma. It is noted that Orry has become costume designer in 285 films throughout the 30s to 60s. He is known as a master of silhouette and color.

Okay Bela, it’s ready movie marathon?

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