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Caitlin Halderman, New Face in Pretty Little Liars 2, let’s meet

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Caitlin Halderman will enliven Viu Original Pretty Little Liars 2. The presence of Caitlin will provide its own excitement in the series whose sequels have been waiting for fans. She will play the role of Ema, replacing Eyka Farhana.

Her name may be included as a new actress in Indonesia, but she has starred in several film titles and competed in acting with well-known actors and actresses.

Before seeing her acting in Pretty Little Liars 2 which will air on April 14, 2022, let’s get to know Caitlin first.

1. Trusted as Ema

Emma’s character in Pretty Little Liars The first season was played by Eyka Farhana, a Malaysian actress. Like Eyka, Caitlin will co-star with Yuki Kato, Anya Geraldine, Valerie Thomasand Shindy Huang.

Ema’s character in the first season often worried about the difference between herself and Mahesa (Naufal Samudra), the man she likes. Because of that difference, Ema and Mahesa were separated for some time.

In the second season, Caitlin’s acting as Ema will be highly anticipated. Ema may be holding another secret that her best friends don’t know about. In the first season, Ema and her best friend try to unravel the mystery of figure A who constantly terrorizes their lives. In fact, A also sent photos of Ema and Mahesa together at a party to Ema’s mother, who did not like Mahesa.

2. An acting career on the big screen

Although just exploring the world of acting, Caitlin has already shown her teeth in this acting field through films There’s Love in High School. She played the role of Ayla in the film which was released in 2016. In this film he also got the opportunity to compete acting with other young actors and actresses, such as Iqbal Ramadhan, Alvaro Maldini Siregar, Teuku Rizki Muhammad, Gege Elisaand Agatha Chelsea.

Caitlin’s name soared when she played Starla in the movie Love Letter to Starla which was released in 2017. The film was originally a short film which was later made a wide screen version with the same title. This film brings Caitlin together with famous actors and actresses, such as Bellina cannon and Mathias Muchus.

Caitlin reunited with Teuku Rizki Muhammad in the movie Dignitate which aired in 2020. She fills the main character, namely Alana. Caitlin collided with Al Ghazali who became Alfi, the male lead.

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3. Talent in singing

Acting isn’t just an art that Caitlin is good at. He is also talented in singing. Apart from acting, in There’s Love in High School Caitlin is also involved in singing soundtrack the film. Together with Iqbaal, he performed two songs entitled Say My Love To Him and Wrong Love.

Caitlin has also sung songs for other films she has starred in. In Forever Holiday in BaliCaitlin sings a song called Destiny with South Korean singers, thunder. It fills again soundtrack in the movie Me and the Time Machine which he starred himself. The song he sings is entitled What Is Love which was released in 2021.

In 2020, Caitlin debut with singleher entitled You Were A Friend. The song has a deep meaning about mistakes that have been made and the importance of forgiving others.

4. Music video models of famous musicians

Not only acting on the small screen and the big screen. You can also enjoy his acting in the video clips of famous Indonesian musicians. She has modeled in music videos for Last Child and Virgoun several times. Last Child which is a music group that has been working since 2006. They trusted Caitlin to be a model in the music video entitled Grief (2016) and Give up (2021).

Caitlin has been a music video model for Virgoun, who is also the vocalist for Last Child. First, for the song Love Letter to Starla (2017), Proof (2018), and most recently for the song Same person (2021). Caitlin has also been a model in a music video Rizky Febian entitled Doubt (2019) and Budi Doremi entitled Time Machine (2021).

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5. YouTubers with interesting content

Although busy with her work as an actress, Caitlin finds time to create content on her personal YouTube channel, Caitlin Halderman, which she has created since 2016. To date, Caitlin has more than 600 thousand subscribers.

There is a variety of interesting content shared by Caitlin on this account. For example, his behind-the-scenes activities while filming a film, as well as when he was promoting the film.

Caitlin also shared beauty tips which can be applied to dating or hang out with friends. There’s also a vlog filled with Caitlin’s fun together Amanda Rawles stylish like Ariana Grande and Kendall Jenner. Don’t miss the video of Caitlin when she was on vacation to the United States some time ago. Interestingly, he shared a video when he interviewed the cast Captain Marvel, like Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson. He did interview it’s with the actress Marsha Aruan, who starred Write Me a Love Song.

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