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Buy Telkomsel Data Packages #PastiMurah Just Scan the QR Code

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Telkomsel has again made a surprise for its loyal customers in the country. Yes! The surprise this time offered by Telkomsel was to present the development of a purchase channel for various data/internet packages through the omni-channel concept that integrates transaction processes in online and offline channels.

This service channel provides added value for a solution to ease the experience of customers who want to buy various data/internet packages by simply scanning the QR Code from a smartphone. Furthermore, customers can make payments directly at various outlet partners (pulse sellers) and modern trade partners.

Through the channel integration of the omni channel concept, Telkomsel Prepaid customers who are used to making purchases directly at outlet partners or modern trade partners can now choose and determine the desired package easily.

To do this, simply scan the QR Code listed on the promo campaign poster on digital media or a number of location points. In addition to using a QR Code scan, purchases can also be made by accessing UMB *363*369#, then making payments at the nearest outlet and modern trade partners such as Indomaret, Alfamart, Alfamidi and others.

“By integrating offline and online service channels through the omni channel sales concept, we continue to try to listen to the input of loyal Telkomsel Prepaid customers who need transaction processing speed when purchasing packages on offline channels,” said Telkomsel Sales Director Adiwinahyu Basuki Sigit.

Sigit added that this sales channel also presents various and affordable data package variants for all levels of society, such as data/internet package variants with data quota variants with daily to weekly active periods that are more personalized to the needs of each customer and #PastiMurah.

Customers who access this omni channel can get various types of quota packages and #PastiMurah. The types of quota packages offered will also continue to grow in line with increasingly dynamic customer needs.

Currently, Telkomsel Prepaid customers can get data package offers starting from Rp. 9 thousand with a choice of various daily active periods, as well as various other Telkomsel superior data quota packages tailored to customer needs, such as Combo Sakti, Internet Sakti, UnlimitedMAX, to Surprise packages. deals.

The presence of this omni-channel sales channel also helps increase the productivity and income of outlet partners, most of whom are MSME players who are currently facing the challenges of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“All of these services and initiatives are presented solely to meet customer needs and collaborate with strategic partners, by providing the best variety of services. We hope to continue to present innovative complete service solutions from purchasing to after-sales service,” concluded Sigit.

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