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Buy 2 Special Menus at Moon Chicken by Hangry, the Pintu Kasih Bitcoin Application

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PT Pintu Kemana Saja, known by the brand name PINTU, is a platform for buying and selling and investing in crypto assets again. This time with Moon Chicken by Hangry, presenting a special menu with Bitcoin prizes. The special menus available are To The Moon Set and Crypto Rocket Set.

When buying the menu, customers will get a gift in the form of Bitcoin worth up to Rp. 50,000 with terms and conditions that apply. This collaboration between the crypto asset investment platform and the food & beverage (F&B) industry players is available for a limited time until April 10, 2022.

As explained by PINTU’s Chief Marketing Officer, Timothius Martin, this collaboration is intended to provide more benefits for Moon Chicken by Hangry customers and PINTU users. Customers will get Bitcoin worth IDR 50 thousand which can be used to start investing.

“This collaboration is very interesting as well as providing added value to the community. Because we know that investing in crypto is growing rapidly and many people want to try to start it. For this reason, this unique collaboration can help introduce crypto asset investment to Moon Chicken by Hangry customers,” explained Timo.

Timo added, for this collaboration the PINTU application provides another additional benefit for PINTU users who staking PTU Tokens. Yes! The additional benefits offered are of course no less interesting and unfortunately missed by users of the DOOR application.

“For PTU Token holders who stake a certain amount and have received a special voucher code via e-mail, they will get a purchase discount for any menu at Moon Chicken Station located in Senopati for IDR 50,000,” said Timo.

Abraham Viktor, CEO of Hangry welcomed the collaboration with PINTU. He said that this was his first collaboration with PINTU. Through this collaboration, Moon Chicken by Hangry presents a special menu that customers can enjoy, namely Crypto Rocket Set and To The Moon Set.

The Crypto Rocket Set menu contains a one-serving package of Original Tteokbokki Meteor, plus Chicken Skin, Korean Corn Tea drink, and Bingsoo dessert. Meanwhile, To The Moon Set consists of one serving of Moon Jjigae, Chicken Skin, with Korean Corn Tea drink, and one Panna Cotta for dessert.

“With the same passion that Moon Chicken by Hangry and PINTU have, which is to provide an eye-opening experience for customers, we are very enthusiastic about this collaboration,” continued Abraham.

This collaboration can be enjoyed by all customers, whether they already have or don’t have a PINTU account. The steps to get a Bitcoin bonus worth IDR 50,000, namely customers can come to the Moon Chicken Station Senopati outlet then select and make a purchase from one of the special menus offered.

To The Moon Set or Crypto Rocket Set will be offered starting at IDR 109,000. Then, scan the QR (Quick Response) available on the table and complete the information contained in the Google Form including the PINTU account username, Instagram username, and finally a photo of the transaction proof clearly and untruncated.

After that, PINTU will verify and Bitcoin worth IDR 50,000 will be entered into the customer’s crypto asset wallet in the PINTU application. If you pay attention, the steps taken are very easy to get the benefits offered.

“Moon Chicken’s brand name is also very suitable for crypto asset terminology which is commonly used to describe crypto assets that are experiencing an increase, namely “Crypto to The Moon” where this terminology is very familiar among crypto investors or traders,” concluded Timo.

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