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Brief Digest of The Matrix Saga / Recap (Part II)

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Before watching The Matrix Resurrections movie, it is highly recommended to listen to the old trilogy first. However, for those who are reluctant or do not have enough time, here we present a brief summary of The Matrix saga for your memory refresher. (Continued from Part I)

What happened in The Matrix: Reloaded?

In The Matrix: Reloaded, Neo has become stronger, but things seem bleak, both in the real world and in the Matrix. In the real world, an army of Machines attacks Zion, the only “real” human city, which lies deep underground. Meanwhile, in the Matrix, it is discovered that Agent Smith is no longer an Agent serving the agenda of the Machines, Smith has gone rogue and has become a self-replicating virus that turns the inhabitants of the Matrix into copies of himself.

The Matrix saga

In an attempt to fulfill a prophecy before the Machine army wipes out humanity, Neo ends up running into a program known as the Architect (Helmut Bakaitis), who reveals a terrifying truth: Neo isn’t the first. He is the sixth, and the entire prophecy is a kind of stored data that allows the Machines to keep humans alive in the Matrix as long as they have the potential to deny their unreality. Neo’s role is not to end the war, but to start the cycle all over again.

However, Neo rebels, choosing instead to save Trinty’s life because he loves her more than he loves the idea of ​​”saving” humanity—both in the Matrix and in real life—by playing along with the Machines’ plans. The film ends with an army of Machines holding Zion and Neo in a coma as he was able to stop several Machines from attacking them while still in the real world—something that shouldn’t be possible since he isn’t connected to the Matrix. However, he is not alone. Smith in his own way managed to get out into the real world without anyone knowing.

What happens in the closing act of The Matrix trilogy?

The Matrix Revolutions, which is the closing chapter of The Matrix saga, begins with Neo trapped in a kind of limbo between the real world and the Matrix, although Morpheus and Trinity are able to free him. After returning to the real world, they parted ways. Neo believes he must go to the Machine HQ so he leaves, accompanied by Trinity. Morpheus and the other Red Pill human ships (including Jada Pinkett Smith’s Niobe) need to hurry back to Zion, as their previous mission took them away from the city. They hoped their ship’s electromagnetic weapons could stop the Machine’s progress. There were quite spectacular battles, but Morpheus and company arrived just in time to defeat the first wave of Machines. This was only a temporary victory, as the humans were so exhausted from the initial defense that the Machine’s victory seemed imminent once they showed up with reinforcements—unless Neo could perform some sort of miracle.

The Matrix saga

Meanwhile, Neo and Trinity are attacked by Smith, who sneaks on their ship. Neo is able to kill Smith’s human body, but not before Smith blinds him with electric wires during their fight. Neo can still “see” the machines, because somehow he still uses their code. They manage to reach the city of Machines despite fierce resistance, and Trinity tragically dies when their ship lands. Despite being defeated, Neo reaches the Machine’s lead and makes a deal: Smith has taken over everyone and the programs within the Matrix, meaning the Machine’s energy source is in jeopardy. If Neo can defeat Smith, the Machines will stop their attack on Zion and make peace with humanity. Neo fights Smith but realizes he can’t beat him in direct combat, so he lets his nemesis infect him, a seemingly fatal decision—and in doing so, gives the Machines the direct access they need to clean up Smith, since Neo entered the Matrix through them.

The Matrix saga

Humanity is saved and the Machines say they will fulfill their promise, save Zion and offer everyone the option of leaving the Matrix. Talking to the Architect, Oracle admits that he helped organize all of this, taking a big gamble on Neo. Luckily, it worked, and there was a promise of real and lasting peace…be the end of this The Matrix saga at least until The Matrix Resurrections.

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