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Bra Tape, Women’s Solution to Appear Confident Wearing Any Clothes Without Insecure

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The Co-Founder of Wearology, Marlin said that this Wearology Bra Tape was created especially for women who don’t like wearing certain clothes because they often have problems with their bras everywhere, or feel that their breasts don’t look good if they don’t wear a bra.

What is Bra Tape?

Before there was bra tape, celebrities who used unique fashion and exposed their body shape would use duct tape so that the bra they are wearing is not visible, but their breasts are still covered. Unfortunately, using duct tape can irritate the skin and cause discomfort.

Then, how can we be comfortable wearing backless clothes and strapless dresses without showing the bra? Relax, because now there are new innovations with models such as duct tape or masking tape which are certainly safer and more comfortable to use. One of them is bra tape, which is the pioneer of original bra tape and fashion hack products in Indonesia.

Bra tape is a product that replaces duct tape (duct tape) in the form of a roll that can be shaped and adjusted in size to suit your dress style and chest size. You don’t have to worry about irritation, because this bra tape is made of knitted cotton and a special gentle adhesive designed for human skin.

So, if you have clothes like foreign celebrities at the Met Gala, you are no longer confused about what bra to wear and not to be seen. Because, now there is a solution, namely quality bra tape from Wearology.

“Our hope is that women can freely express their style and be more confident in dressing. Wearology will continue to accompany and innovate in presenting other quality products, so that it can help women to appear more confident” – said Marlin, Co. -Founder of

“The feedback we get through the content we upload to Wearology social media, makes us not only stand as a brand, but also as a friend to Wearologirls where you can interact with us like friends. The content that we upload also contains a lot of educational content for women to always be confident and love their own bodies, “said Marlin further.

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