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BlackBerry 5G Handset with Physical Keyboard to be Released this Year

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BlackBerry has recently confirmed that it will end support for all its classic smartphones. It is said that they will no longer offer support for devices running on BlackBerry 10 OS or later.

In August 2020, Onward Mobility, the company that owns the license to launch devices under the BlackBerry brand, revealed that it would launch a new and innovative BlackBerry 5G smartphone in 2021, but that did not come true.

The United States-based company released a new update to confirm that it will launch a 5G-ready BlackBerry smartphone, although its arrival has been delayed. Of course, the presence of the smartphone is worth waiting for, although the launch date is still a mystery.

When BlackBerry officially confirmed that they would stop providing support for BlackBerry devices running OS BB10, not a few people assumed that the BlackBerry brand was dead. Meanwhile, in his blog, Onward Mobility says that 2021 will be very challenging.

Yes! Onward Mobility said that they couldn’t launch a new smartphone. Experiencing various delays, they finally failed to launch the first BlackBerry smartphone with 5G support in 2021.

It further said that they will be releasing a timely update of “ultra-secure 5G enterprise smartphone” starting this month. This device will be equipped with a keyboard for a better productivity experience. However, no information is available about the specifications of the device.

BlackBerry smartphones launched under the TCL brand between 2016 and 2018 come with the Android operating system. For those who don’t know, the license agreement will expire in 2020. Apparently, the upcoming BlackBerry 5G smartphone will run on Android 12, of course with the license agreement being renewed.

We expect Onward Mobility to release some interesting information about its eagerly awaited BlackBerry 5G device later this month. It is estimated that the device will be released in several markets such as North America, Europe, and Asia.

Onward Mobility is said to be working with Foxconn’s FIH Mobile to develop the first BlackBerry device with 5G support. Will this smartphone be interesting for those of you who like the latest technological innovations?

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