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‘Black School Rules’ For High School Students in Tokyo Japan Revisited

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TRIBUNNEWS.COM, TOKYO – The Tokyo Metropolitan City Government Education Council will review and repeal some of the redundant school rules or commonly referred to as the Black School Rules.

“Amid the issue of excessive school rules, the so-called “black school rules”, such as the designation of the color of underwear and the ban on two hair blocks, are under review and will soon be phased out in many schools starting this year, the source said. at the local government of Tokyo, Saturday (12/3/2022).

The two blocks of hair are bald a few cm only at the back of the right and left ears as a model or style for Japanese youth.

So that the visible hair is only on the front, middle and back, while the left and right sides are plain.

In response to the spread of the movement to review excessive school rules, the so-called “black school rules” in Japan, since April 2021 the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education decided to determine, among other things, the color of underwear, black uniform hair dye, and black hair.

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There are several items in the school regulations, such as requiring students with curly hair to submit proof of hair and prohibiting the so-called two-block hairstyle with short sides, so discussions should be held with both students and their parents.

“There are 6 items that are considered redundant and 5 items will be removed later in all metropolitan high schools starting the new educational year April 1, 2022,” he explained.

On the other hand, some schools have decided to continue with the school’s rules regarding applying for hair certification.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education states that students who think of school rules as members of society will develop an awareness of social participation.

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