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BIGBANG & BLACKPINK Reported Comeback, YG Ent Stocks Predicted To Rise

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PeekCeleb – BLACKPINK and BIGBANG were recently rumored to be making a comeback. After the news shocked the public, many researchers said that YG Entertainment would gain a lot of profit.

Thanks to these two groups, YG Entertainment’s stock is predicted to skyrocket again. Come on, take a look at the following review to find out more information!

YG Entertainment’s Advantages in BIGBANG and BLACKPINK’s Comeback


Photo : Doc. YG Entertainment

Reporting from Business Sport Korea, there are several investment researchers who say that YG Entertainment’s shares will skyrocket when the groups BIGBANG and BLACKPINK comeback in 2022. The reason is, the report also reveals that BLACKPINK will return after this summer following BIGBANG’s comeback.

Investment Researcher Shinhan Ji In Hae also admitted that the target stock price was 89,000 won or Rp. 1 million. for YG Entertainment. On February 25, YG Entertainment’s stock price closed at 64,800 Won or Rp. 777 thousand.

“YG Entertainment will continue to achieve high revenue growth with the full operation of all its artists” said Researcher Ji quoted from Business Sport Korea on Tuesday, February 1, 2022.

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