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Big Filmmaker Who Hasn’t Matched with Bond Saga

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Some of the following directors were predicted to occupy the director’s bench in one of the Bond films. However, unfortunately these great filmmakers have not been matched with the Bond saga. Here are famous filmmakers who had expressed interest in directing a Bond film, but so far it has not materialized.

Danny Boyle

Before Sam Mendes took the helm to direct Skyfallthere were rumors that Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire) has been offered the position. Although, this great filmmaker is not yet matched with the Bond saga. Boyle was lucky enough to have the opportunity to make a short mission for Bond as part of the opening series of the 2012 Olympics in London. Working with Queen Elizabeth II whose story is escorted by current Bond actor, Daniel Craig, from Buckingham Palace to the Olympic stadium, Boyle had commented that the Queen was good at acting. Boyle had previously sat as a director for Bond-25, which later carried the title No Time to Die, but due to differences in the vision of creativity with the producers, he resigned from this film project.

Quentin Tarantino

He had announced his interest in directing Casino Royale in an interview session in April 2004 ago. However, Tarantino apparently had a different idea from what the producers wanted. In Tarantino’s version (Inglourious Basterds), Casino Royale will star Pierce Brosnan, while Bond girl Vesper Lynd will star Uma Thurman. The famous director through Pulp Fiction this again says that he wants to make Casino Royale as his Bond film with settings 1960s, not Cubby Broccoli’s Bond films. Unfortunately, after ‘boasting’ about his dream project, the producers rejected the idea he put forward, so that this great filmmaker who has not been married to the Bond saga was annoyed and once revealed his plans to make adaptations of novels. spy thriller by British writer Len Deighton; most likely to rival Bond.

Renny Harlin

If you look back at his work in 1993, Harlin (5 Days of War) just finished working on it Cliffhanger and enjoy success Die Hard 2. As we know, the project GoldenEye was on hiatus for six years due to the Broccoli family’s debate with MGM over direction franchise this. After finally entering production in 1995, the original scenario was created with mindset that Timothy Dalton would play Bond, until the script finally reached the hands of Harlin who refused to direct it. “Actually at that time I was interested in working on a James Bond film, it’s just that there was an actor I didn’t trust, and I wouldn’t say his name was Timothy Dalton,” he said. His desire tocast The new Bond at that time was not accepted by the producers, so he left the project and until now Harlin has become one of the big filmmakers who have not been matched with the Bond saga.

Steven Spielberg

Who doesn’t know this man? A director of Spielberg’s caliber also had a dream to direct Bond in the early days of his career in the world of cinema. In fact, he had twice met Cubby Broccoli, but on both occasions, his ambition was rejected by the producer on the grounds of ‘not enough experience’. Now he could be a little cocky by saying that Cubby wouldn’t have had the chance to hire him because he wouldn’t be able to pay for Spielberg’s services. This great filmmaker who is not yet matched with the Bond saga then created Indiana Jones, which proved to have succeeded in rivaling the popularity of the Bond saga.

Alfred Hitchcock

In May 2012, a telegram was found from Ian Fleming to his fellow novelist, Eric Ambler, one of which stated Fleming’s wish that Alfred Hitchcock (Family Plot) directed his first James Bond film, which was originally Thunderball. Hitchcock was interested after being offered the position by his best friend, Albert R. Broccoli. However, in the end Hitch had to refuse because he was busy with projects Psycho (1960). In addition, a source revealed that Broccoli had issues with Hitch’s request for honorarium and how much control he would have.

Howard Hawks

In the early 1960s, producer Charles Feldman purchased the rights to the novel Casino Royale to make it into a movie with the Hawks (El Dorado) as the director. However, in late 1962, Feldman and Hawks accepted the hardcopy the beginning of script Dr. No from England. The Hawks soon lost interest in the project and withdrew. There is no clear reason why he left, but one possible factor is that he does not want to compete with his friend, Cubby Broccoli, who was his assistant for the film. The Outlaw (1943). With the Hawks leaving, Feldman became even more confident in the project, until finally spoof Casino Royale aired in 1967.

Christopher Nolan

After Batman has successfully protected Gotham in his trilogy, many fans who wondered about the Nolan project (The Dark Knight Rises) next. The man who turned out to be a Bondfan has long expressed his seriousness to direct one of the Bond films in the future. Nolan had said that he had finally found another character who was rich, unique, and had been an orphan since childhood. Unfortunately, until this 25th Bond Nolan seems to still not be matched with the Bond franchise. Even so, through his last film, Tenet seems to show that this great filmmaker who is not yet matched with the Bond saga is competent to work on Bond-style films.

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