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Besides the Fast & Furious Franchise, Here Are 5 Interesting Sung Kang Movies!

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It’s not just Fast and Furious that’s great, you know!

Sung Kang’s name is popular through his role as Han in Fast & Furious franchise. Even Sung Kang has his own short film titled Los Bandoleros (The Outlaws) directed by the main character, Vin Diesel.

But of course, Fast & Furious franchise not the only film that has starred in Sung Kang. There are also many popular films that have used the services of this actor of Korean descent.

The following is a list of Sung Kang’s best films to date.

1. Better Luck Tomorrow

Previously, Sung Kang was involved in the project Talk to Taka (2000) and Pearl Harbor (2001). But the first big role he got was when he starred in a movie Better Luck Tomorrow in 2002. There he appeared as Han Hoo, a gang member and cousin of Virgil Hu, played by Jason Tobin.

The film, directed by Justin Lin, tells the story of crimes committed by a group of Asian Americans who are bored with their normal lives. Better Luck Tomorrow received a positive response from film fans. The website Rotten Tomatoes gave the 2002 film an 81% rating.

In addition, the Han in this film is considered the same Han as in fast and furious by Justin Lin and Sung Kang. So you can actually think of this as a prequel to Han!

2. The Motel

Sung Kang’s next best movie is The Motel. Released in 2006, The Motel tells the story of a 13-year-old teenager named Ernest Chin who must become a waiter at a family-owned hotel. Living as a loser, he is also oftenbully by Roy. Besides, Ernest has an interest in Christine, a girl who works at a Chinese restaurant near his hotel.

Ernest’s life suddenly changes when a guest named Sam Kim (Sung Kang) arrives. Sam, who is having many problems, finally finds many interesting adventures with Erneset.

The film, which became director Michael Kang’s debut, won the Humanitas Prize at the Sundance Film Festival.

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3. War

war is an action movie thriller directed by Philip G. Atwell. This film is quite special for Sung Kang because he can work with two popular action actors, Jet Li and Jason Statham. Sung Kang plays Goi, an FBI agent.

Previously, this film would have been titled Roguebut due to a conflict with the similarity of the name with the Australian film which was released almost at the same time, this film was finally given the title war.

During broadcast, war managed to make a profit of $ 40 million. Almost double the film’s $25 million cost.

4. Pali Road

Pali Road is a mystery drama film directed by Jontahan Lim. Tells the story of a woman named Lily (Michelle Chen), a young doctor who gets into a car accident and realizes her life has changed completely.

Now he is married to Dr. Mitch Kayne (Sung Kang) and becomes a mother to a 5 year old boy.

Everyone around him denied that his girlfriend, Neil (Jackson Rathbone) ever existed. But Lily continues to find out what the mystery is that happened after the accident she experienced.

5. Bullet to the Head

Bullet to the Head brought together Sung Kang with one of Hollywood’s best action actors, Sylvester Stallone. Sung Kang plays Taylor Kwon, a detective who comes to New Orleans to investigate the death of his partner. Released in 2012, the film, directed by Walter Hill, grossed approximately $21.9 million during its run.

So, which is your favorite Sung Kang movie?

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