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Besides Ramyoen, This is Korean Food Made from Noodles that is Very Delicious!

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Lovers of Korean dramas and fans of K-Pop idols must be familiar with favorite dishes that often appear on various occasions, both in K-Drama and in live broadcasts conducted by fans. idol that is ramyeon.

Ramyeon is a processed instant noodle from the country of ginseng which is very popular with the Korean and international community. Usually Korean people eat ramyeon with addition kimchi or seafood to add to the taste of the noodles to make it more delicious.

But not only ramyeonKorea is also famous for other noodle-based specialties that are just as delicious as ramyeon. Here’s 5 Korean noodle dish which you can use as a reference for your lunch.



One of the Korean people’s favorite noodle preparations, this one is often enjoyed during the rainy season. Kalguksu is a hand-made noodle dish that is cut into thin strips with a thin knife and served with broth Kalguksu made from boiled clams, dried anchovies, and seaweed.

Its refreshing and delicious taste makes knife noodles (another name Kalguksu) is much favored by the Korean people. In addition, this one food can also be useful to provide a fresh taste and warm the body.



This noodle-based dish, which is often called Korean vermicelli, does have the appearance of fried vermicelli in Indonesia. Japchae is a typical South Korean food consisting of glass noodles or noodles made from corn and vegetables.

Usually Japchae served with beef and vegetables of five colors, namely spinach, carrots, mushrooms, and fried eggs. In South Korea, Japchae is a mandatory dish during the new year and harvest festivals.



For those of you who like to eat spicy noodles and have a taste seafood strong, it’s like don’t miss this one food. Jjampong is a spicy noodle soup served with a variety of vegetables and seafood complete, from clams, shrimp, to octopus.

In Korea alone, popularity Jjampong quite high which makes this one dish sold by the public. Jjampong also often appears in various K-Drama.

Aunt Guksu

Bibim Guksu
Bibim Guksu/photo:

If you are a food lover with a unique presentation, you should try this one dish. Unlike most noodle preparations which are served hot, this one dish is served cold, you know.

Bibimguksu or commonly called mixed noodles is a Korean dish with a spicy, sweet, and sharp taste. The delicacy of these thin noodles lies in the sauce made of gochujang or chili paste, rice vinegar, soy sauce, and sesame seeds.

Usually Bibimguksu served with various additional toppings such as sliced ​​fresh vegetables, kimchihard-boiled eggs, seaweed, and pickled radishes or sprouts.


Jajangmyeon/ photo:

K-Drama lovers must be familiar with this one food. This dish, which is often random on the screen, is indeed very popular with the people of South Korea. Jajangmyeon is a noodle dish served with a thick black sauce, accompanied by sliced ​​​​meat and onions in it.

For people who eat this dish for the first time, they will certainly be surprised by the appearance of this one noodle. How not, the sauce used in this preparation is black like ink which makes many people surprised when they want to eat it.

Not made from real ink, thick sauce jajangmyeon obtained from processed black beans.

Those are 5 typical Korean foods made from noodles. For those of you lovers of processed noodles, don’t miss the typical South Korean noodle dish because the noodle dish has a unique taste and is different from processed noodles in Indonesia. This dish can also be your lunch reference, Beauties!

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