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Besides Mental Health Stories, BIGBANG’s TOP Confesses To Comeback Album

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PeekCeleb – On March 2, 2022, BIGBANG’s TOP made an appearance in Prestige magazine in Hong Kong. The poster in the form of an attractive collage has succeeded in attracting public attention.

Unfortunately, TOP admitted that he would be releasing his 1st solo album. Not only that, he even talked about his hiatus and mental health. So, what is TOP BIGBANG’s story like? Come on, check below!

BIGBANG’s TOP appears in Prestige Hong Kong magazine


Photo : Instagram/choi_seung_hyun_tttop

BIGBANG’s TOP shared an eclectic collage-style cover in the March issue of Prestige magazine. The cover captions were made in Japanese, Chinese, and English. Fans are curious as to why Prestige only released three languages ​​and skipped Korean, which BIGBANG’s TOP is promoting.

While skipping Korean, BIGBANG’s TOP bluntly continued his story by discussing the topics of his hiatus, solo album release, and mental health.

The photo captions released in various languages ​​provide a general conclusion about the story with Prestige Hong Kong magazine.

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