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Benefits of Chewing Gum for Weight Loss

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If you are on a diet program, from now on try ok Chew gum in between your meals. The reason, chewing gum is said to have benefits for weight loss, you know.

Since ancient times, chewing gum has been associated with various health benefits, from freshening your breath, maintaining healthy teeth and mouth, overcoming the urge to smoke, reducing stress levels, and even helping you lose weight.

Benefits of Chewing Gum for Weight Loss

Actually, the benefits of chewing gum for weight loss still need to be studied further. Even now, the potential benefits are associated with the chewing process, not the chewing gum.

You need to know, the chewing process, including chewing gum, can help release certain hormones in the intestines that are useful for reducing hunger.

One study showed that people who ate sugar-free gum for 30 minutes after a meal tended to feel full longer than those who didn’t.

Now, if the body does not feel hungry, automatically the food you consume must also be less, right? This means, the daily calories that enter the body are also low, so weight loss can be easier.

A study says, people who chew gum between meals tend to eat less at the next meal than people who don’t chew gum.

In addition, chewing gum is also said to help burn calories, although the amount is small and not significant enough to be able to lose weight.

Therefore, to lose weight, you can’t just rely on chewing gum. You still need to do other proven ways, such as maintaining a balanced nutritious diet, meeting daily fluid needs, exercising regularly, getting enough rest, and managing stress well.

Tips to Maximize the Benefits of Chewing Gum for Weight Loss

As explained above, the benefits of chewing gum can only be obtained if it is accompanied by changing your lifestyle to be healthier. In addition, in order to maximize the benefits of chewing gum for weight loss, you also need to do the following tips:

  • Choose sugar-free gum.
  • Chew gum whenever you have the urge to eat unhealthy snacks, especially between meals.
  • Chew gum while doing activities that can make you eat snacks subconsciously, for example when watching a movie or reading a book.
  • Always keep chewing gum in your purse or bag. This is useful for resisting the urge to eat excessively when you are outside the house.

To get the desired weight is not an easy matter. Ways to lose weight, including chewing gum, must be done patiently and regularly.

On the other hand, avoid doing instant weight loss methods, because this can actually increase your risk of experiencing various health problems.

If you still have questions regarding the benefits of chewing gum for weight loss, or plan to set up a diet program, you can consult your doctor about it.

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