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Benama’s First Child A-12, Elon Musk’s Second Child’s Name Is No Less Clear

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The name of Elon Musk’s second child is no less clear. PHOTO/ IST

MENLO PARK – After her first child was named A-12, this time Elon Musk named him his second son Exa Dark Siderael Musk.

As reported by the Daily Mail, although his son’s name has four words, Musk just calls him Y.

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He admitted that he got the inspiration for the name when he was in the dark room of previous space exploration.

The combination of names refers to the terms space and technology.

Exa refers to a supercomputer, Sidereal means a distant star, and Dark means dark and unknown.

The billionaire said that dark outer space is a great mystery to our universe.

Musk and his wife, Canadian artist Grimes were given their first eye lamp in May 2020.

Netizens around the world made to guess the meaning of the name. Many speculations, light debates, and jokes appeared in interpreting the baby boy’s name.

Although it has been explained, it seems the name is still confusing. However, the most important thing is to share the happiness of the couple who have been together for two years.


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