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Bella Hadid and Nike, What’s Up?

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Who doesn’t know Bella Hadid? Born in 1996 is known as a model runway following in the footsteps of his older brother, Gigi Hadid. Not long ago elected to new face Dior, now Nike also doesn’t want to miss out on recruiting Bella as a new face their products. Through her Instagram, Bella uploaded her photo posing in front of her billboards Nike bearing its face in New York City, with caption So excited to announce that I am OFFICIALLY PART OF THE NIKE FAMILY!”

Instagram : @bellahadid

Although there has been no official announcement from Nike, Bella said that there will be many things exciting others related to its partnership with Nike. Through her Snapchat, Bella is seen in the Nike Lab with a full table new materials and Nike shoes with accents black orange.

Athleisure itself was nothing new to Bella. The woman who is preparing herself for fashion show Victoria’s Secret is often seen wearing crop tops which is matched with loose tracksuit pants and a pair of his flagship Nikes.

Some time ago, Bella was seen wearing a top with a Nike logo that was iconic that.

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