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Before Watching, Get to Know the Classes at CGV Cinema

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Who doesn’t like watching movies at the cinema? Yes, watching movies now seems to be a lifestyle for many people. In addition to getting the opportunity to watch the latest films, cinemas will also bring a different atmosphere when enjoying the spectacle.

Fun, CGV offers a variety of cinema atmosphere that will make you more comfortable. This cinema network which has been present since 2006 divides its categories into 7 classes. Each class certainly offers a different experience. Want to know anything? Come see what cinema classes you can choose!

Screen X

Have you ever imagined that you are like in a movie scene? You can feel all that in the Screen X class. There is a multi-projection immersive cinematic platform, where you will be presented with a viewing experience of up to 270 degrees. The world’s first screen will expand to the right and left of the sitting area. So, you will feel as if you are in a movie scene.

There are already several countries that use this technology, namely Korea, China, Thailand, the US, and Indonesia. Especially in Indonesia, you can visit CGV Grand Indonesia to prove the fun.

Sphere X

In addition to the screen display, sound quality is certainly the main assessment when watching movies. Unmitigated, in the Sphere X class there are 60 pieces speaker which will make the quality of the film even more exciting. In addition, CGV has prepared a screen that is equivalent to a basketball court, which is curved to the top and bottom. So, you will be more flexible when watching.

Not to forget, comfort is always a priority for CGV in each class. On the Sphere X, the seat can be tilted up to 45 degrees. So, you don’t have to worry about getting sore while watching because the seats are more flexible to follow the curve of the audience’s body.

Sweet Box

This is the class you can choose if you want more privacy when watching movies. Sweet box provides a sofa type seat that is wider without being limited by armrests. So, it is suitable for those of you who want to always move freely while watching. Not only that, carrying tagline “special seat to enjoy movie with your special one”, Sweet box is suitable for couples who want to enjoy movies more privately.

If you want to use this class, you can come to CGV Grand Indonesia, CGV Miko Mall, or CGV Harbor Bay.

Gold Class

If you want a more exclusive atmosphere, try the Gold Class at CGV Grand Indonesia, CGV Mall of Indonesia, and CGV The Plaza Balikpapan. In addition to offering an all-exclusive room concept, namely a leather sofa with footrests, you will also be served with satisfying services. Starting from welcome drinkso that you can enjoy the premium lounge while waiting for the movie to be shown.

Not only that, in the studio you will also be given blankets and pillows that will add comfort. One more thing that makes it even more exclusive is the staff service that you can use to order food or drinks without leaving the studio. So, you don’t have to be afraid to miss the movie scene you’re watching!


Want to watch your favorite movie while lying down? Velvet Class is the right choice for you. This class offers studios with mattresses complete with pillows, bolsters, and even blankets. This class is at the same time the highest and most luxurious in CGV. You can try it at CGV Grand Indonesia, Pacific Place, Central Park, Paris Van Java, Hartono Mall, Kawanua City Mall, and Social Market.

Fun, one bed can be used for 2 adults and 2 children. So, it is suitable for you to choose to watch with your family.


In this studio, you will be taken like you are in a movie atmosphere. The reason is, there is a special sensor technology that is able to display the effects of movement, wind, light, water, and aroma. So, you will get deeper into the film. At least, there are already 57 countries that use this technology.

In Indonesia, you can prove the fun at CGV Grand Indonesia, Central Park, Marvel City, Paris Van Java, and Hartono Mall. Interested to try it?

Regular Studio

Not to forget, regular studios are also provided with CGV. This class is a studio equipped with upright chairs with different capacities in each branch. This is a class that is suitable for those of you who like simple things, especially for watching movies.

So, which class catches your eye the most? Just order tickets for the movie you’ve been waiting for. To be more practical, you can book tickets on Traveloka Xperience. Without queuing or being complicated, you can choose your class, seat location, and watch your favorite movie right away. Enjoy watching movies in theaters!

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