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Because of Hijab, Wife of MMA fighter converts to bad luck

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Monday, February 21, 2022 – 07:29 WIB

VIVA – MMA fighter Wilhelm Ott experienced a tough test who decided to convert to Islam in 2020. His wife, Michele Birringer, was fired from her job for following Islamic law and wearing a headscarf. It is known, Ott became a hot discussion after deciding to convert to Islam in April 2020.

The story begins in 2006, when Wilhelm Ott plunged into the world of MMA. Throughout his career, his fight record is 19 wins, 18 draws and one loss, according to MMA website Tapology. Wilhelm Ott is ranked 5th out of 242 EU Wester Pro Welterweights. His last fight was on June 20, 2020, when he lost to Michal Materla.

MMA fighter Wilhelm Ott and his wife

Wilhelm Ott then said the creed in April 2020. He also changed his name to Khalid Ott. There is an interesting story when he was determined to become a convert. The crisis due to the Corona virus pandemic turned out to be a lesson for him. Ott admitted that he had actually been thinking about Islam for years.

However, due to politics in his country against Islam and the Muslim minority there, Ott has not decided to convert to Islam. Not alone, Ott also invited his wife to embrace Islam.

Then before long, trials approached, the Ott family’s economy slackened a month later following the firing of his wife, Birringer from work. The reason is that the hijab that Birringer wears is not allowed at his job at the bar. But these conditions did not shake their faith in Allah SWT. Ott argues that if the decision was based on God’s will, he believes it is the best decision because his wife’s job is wrong.

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