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Because of Allowing Hate Speech Against Russia, Instagram will be Blocked Next March 14

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TRIBUNNEWS.COM, CALIFORNIA – Instagram executive Adam Mosseri has confirmed on his Twitter page that his platform will be blocked in Russia on March 14.

He also called the decision the wrong step.

“On Monday, Instagram will be blocked in Russia. This decision will cut off 80 million people in Russia from each other and from the rest of the world. Because about 80 percent of people in Russia follow Instagram accounts outside their country,” Mosseri stressed.

Quoted from the TASS page, Saturday (12/3/2022), last Friday, the Russian Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media decided to complete the procedure for restricting access to Instagram on March 14, 2022, at 00.00 local time.

The Russian media watchdog explained that active Instagram users ‘will need time to transfer their accounts, photos and videos to other social networks and notify their followers’.

Please note, the agency decided to block Instagram because the platform approved the spread of hate speech against Russians, including military personnel.

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Earlier, the Russian Attorney General’s Office demanded that Meta, which includes Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, be included in an extremist organization and banned its use in Russia.

Meta later admitted that his company had temporarily allowed incitement and speech to commit violence against the Russian military.

However, this was triggered by the special military operations that the country carried out in Ukraine.

Company spokesman Andy Stone tweeted that they were temporarily allowing forms of ‘political expression’ that normally violate their company’s terms of service.

Including temporarily legalizing ‘speech of violence’ and threats against the Russian military.

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