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Because Melania Trump Wears Her Dress, This Designer Is Attacked By Haters

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Melania Trump’s dress controversy.

The ‘negative’ effect of the victory of Donald Trump as President of America, seems to have now hit his wife, Melania Trump. Remembering that yesterday many designers refused to dress the candidate First Lady, now he is again bombarded with negative comments when he appears wearing one of the designer’s clothes. Where on New Year’s Eve, Melania Trump wore little black dress from collection Cruise Latest from Dolce & Gabbana.

Although the issue of Trump is still very sensitive to this day, the designer is not afraid to publish the photo proudly on his Instagram account. “Melania Trump #DGwoman thanks America #madeinitalyIT,” wrote Stefano Gabbana.

Instantly post-an Stefano Gabbana was inundated with nearly 1,000 comments from his followers and fans.

“You should know Stefano that the election has ripped our country apart,” wrote one follower advising Stefano not to meddle on such a sensitive issue as dressing Melania Trump. “If only the First Lady was Reagan, Bush, or Obama, all parties would not matter. But this is very offensive…”

But the designer didn’t stay silent by replying: “How stupid people on Instagram are. If you don’t like what I postplease unfollow just…thank you.”

Not only that, Stefano also had time to directly reply to one of the comments haters: “Please, you also don’t buy our stuff. I don’t need stupid buyers.”

Of the many bad comments, some of his followers still support Stefano Gabbana. “I’m amazed at your courage to upload this photo. Ignore the haters,” wrote @couturerents. “I’m following you because you have great work fun and amazing,” wrote @jaciaracarneiro. “I don’t like Trump but I do fashion. And America’s First Lady looks beautiful.”

Do you think Dolce & Gabbana will design a special dress for the inauguration night? we’ll see.

Photo credit: LA times / cosmopolitan

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