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Beautiful Portrait of 6 IVE Members with Hanbok, welcome Korean New Year or Seollal |

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IVE.  (Instagram/ ivestarship)
Ahead of Seollal or Korean New Year, IVE shared photos of them in hanbok, along with messages for fans. (Instagram/ ivestarship), Seoul – The Korean Lunar New Year aka Seollal is just around the corner. Just like Chinese New Year, Seollal will fall on February 1.

K-Pop group IVE has “stealed the start” to celebrate this special day. Reporting from Allkpop, Sunday (1/30/2022), Wonyoung et al shared their photos in hanbok, traditional Korean clothes, along with messages for fans.

Let’s see the difference between IVE and Hanbok to welcome Seollal!

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1. Yujin

Yujin IVE.  (Instagram/ ivestarship)
Yujin IVE. (Instagram/ ivestarship)

Yujin looks beautiful with a combination of yellow and salmon hanbok with pastel nuances. “For 2022, I only wish happiness to everyone!” he wrote.

2. Gaeul

Gaeul IVE.  (Instagram/ ivestarship)
Gaeul IVE. (Instagram/ ivestarship)

Gaeul who appeared in a hanbok that had a transparent sleeve design and a bright blue skirt. “Happy New Year! Wishing you a very happy Seollal,” he wrote.

3. Rei

Rei IVE.  (Instagram/ ivestarship)
Rei IVE. (Instagram/ ivestarship)

Even though he’s from Japan, Rei doesn’t look uncomfortable wearing a hanbok at all. She actually looks elegant with this simple hairdo and traditional Korean dress.

“Happy new year. Eat a lot of good food, huh!” he wrote.

4. Wonyoung

Wonyoung IVE.  (Instagram/ ivestarship)
Wonyoung IVE. (Instagram/ ivestarship)

Wonyoung looks even more beautiful with his hair down and ornaments pinned to his hair. “May Seollal be full of happiness, and happy new year~,” he wrote.

5. Liz

Liz IVE.  (Instagram/ ivestarship)
Liz IVE. (Instagram/ ivestarship)

Liz looks even more radiant with a light pink hanbok and her blonde hair in two buns. “Have a happy 2022 with IVE. Wishing Seollal full of happiness and happy new year~” he wrote.

6. Leeseo

Leeseo IVE.  (Instagram/ ivestarship)
Leeseo IVE. (Instagram/ ivestarship)

The maknae or IVE’s youngest member, Leeseo, looks fresh and cute with her hair pulled up and decorated with floral decorations and a bright hanbok.

“Happy new year, and with IVE, I only wish you happy things in 2022,” he wrote.

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