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Beaten by the World Champion, Chico Apologizes to the Indonesian Society

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Saturday, 19 February 2022 – 17:27 WIB

VIVA – The Indonesian men’s badminton team trailed 0-1 to Singapore in the semifinals of the 2022 Badminton Asia Team Championships.

The result was inseparable from the defeat of Chico Aura Dwi Wardoyo. He was defeated by the world champion, Loh Kean Yew.

In the match which took place at the Setia City Convention Center, Selangor, Malaysia, Saturday 19 February 2022, Chico lost with a score of 17-21, 19-21.

Chico admits that the opponent played better. And he also said that Loh Kean Yew had a lot of experience.

“He was so calm at critical points. Meanwhile, as in the second game, when I was leading 19-17, when being chased by the opponent, I was even more depressed and made many mistakes myself,” said Chico in a release received by VIVA after the match.

Chico also apologized to the people of Indonesia. He promised to take this defeat as a lesson to perform better in the next matches.

“As the spearhead of the Indonesian team, I’m sorry I can’t contribute points. The opponent is indeed better than me and has more experience. This is the second meeting, before I also lost. But now the quality has changed a lot,” said Chico.

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