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Be careful, you can get a maximum fine of up to Rp. 61 million if you smoke carelessly in Japan

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TRIBUNNEWS.COM, TOKYO – Until now, officers are still actively patrolling and prohibiting people from smoking in public places after the regulation prohibiting smoking and a fine of 500,000 yen or Rp. 61 million (exchange rate of 1 yen = Rp. 122) was activated April 1, 2020.

“We were just doing our job and the man seemed to be smoking in the middle of the park in a public area where smoking shouldn’t be allowed,” an inspection officer told the BBC. Tribunnews.comFriday (12/3/2022) night near a station in Tokyo.

In July 2018, the law partially revised the Health Promotion Act which was passed and is fully enforced from April 1, 2020.

This law changes efforts to discourage smoking, not only for business but for society as well.

Rules for the revision of the law since July 2018, will be implemented in stages starting January 2019, and will be fully implemented starting April 1, 2020.

Many public areas in Japan are already actively implementing smoking bans, so many special places are created for smokers.

Officers found a man sitting in the garden smoking a cigarette, Friday (11/3/2022) night. The man was then advised to stay away from smoking. ( Correspondent/Richard Susilo)

For example around stations, in malls and various other public places.

The rule points for action against smokers are as follows:

1. In principle, smoking is prohibited indoors in various public facilities. Smoking is only allowed in areas with a smoking sign.

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