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Be Beautiful! These are simple tips for tying a fashionable scarf

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Simple yet stylish.

When mood not good or lazy to issue effort more to dress up, usually the style of dress so tends to be ordinary. Well, so that our style can look more stylish without effort, we can outsmart it by adding accessories like scarf. But, make sure you organize scarf-you are right. Check out the method below!

This is the easiest way to organize scarf-your. select scarf long enough and then tie it beautifully around your neck. Let scarf-you dangle like a tie. cute!

Want to be stylish biker chick? Try tying scarf-mu in this style. select scarf medium size, fold the triangle, then tie loosely around your neck. Cool, right?


You who have a long neck are perfect for wearing scarf with this style. Just fold and roll scarf-your. Then, give a little accent by leaving scarf on the side. Tres chic!


This style is most often used if you don’t want to be too complicated in tying scarf. select scarf or pashmina in a rather large size and you just attach it according to your taste. trendy!

This one also doesn’t lose stylish Hey, Bella! select scarf which is a bit long, then enough twist scarf until it resembles a braid and attach it to your collar. Simple and beautiful, right?

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