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Baron Beach – History, Mystery, Facilities, Lodging and Prices

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Talking about Jogja will never be complete without talking about tourist spots in Jogja. Jogja and the world of tourism that exist there have become things that will not be separated. One of the most famous tourist attractions in Jogja is Baron Beach. This beach itself is arguably one of the many beach tours that we will meet in Jogja. In addition, this place also has its own uniqueness that we will not get in other locations.

If you plan to visit and play around at this location then there are a few things you should know, among others

History of Baron Beach

This beach itself is believed to be the landing place for Dutch ships. The ship was led by a Dutchman named Baron Skeber. Many residents believe that the Baron led a rebellion against Islamic Mataram at that time.

The beach itself was used as a place to store some of the weapons they used in the rebellion. The origin of Baron Skeber is also arguably unclear, some call it from the Netherlands, some say it comes from Spain, some say it comes from Portugal.

The selection of this beach as a place for the ship to dock is due to the condition of this beach which is like a bay. The shoreline that juts into the mainland and into the water in the bay makes it the right place for anchoring. Until now this beach is still an active beach with fishermen.

The history is very believed by the residents that it happened on the beach. The locals then used the story as a reference to name this place Baron beach.

Mysticism at Baron Pantai Beach

baron beachThe geological conditions that surround this beach are very unique and can be said to be different from other beaches. as a tourist spot in Gunung Kidul, this beach has a long beach that is not long, even short.

This beach is more suitable to be called a bay than a beach. the left and right sides of the beach itself are surrounded by solid cliffs jutting into the sea. and on these cliffs there are a lot of caves that seem haunted.

residents around this beach often make this place as a place for sea alms or larung offerings. This is because the local people believe that the beach has a direct relationship with the ruler of the South Seas. In addition, many residents also sacred several caves around the cliffs of this beach itself.

besides that there are also stories that are spread among the surrounding residents. that on this beach itself had seen a wild tiger. However, after a search, no tiger was found. Until now the truth of the story is still a secret among the residents.

Available facilities

baron beachAs one of the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia, Baron Beach itself has very complete and varied facilities. The facilities provided are very easy for us visitors while on the beach

the facilities owned by this place such as camping ground. Well, this beach itself is one of the camping spots in Jogja. Camping on this beach is a very interesting thing and will offer its own experience for us. Enjoy the pounding of the waves on the south coast which is quite heavy, and enjoy the beautiful night sky which is very beautiful. Of course, it’s something you can’t miss.

This beach itself has a lighthouse that is still active. This lighthouse is one of the unique things that this place has. The management of this lighthouse itself is directly under the Ministry of Marine Affairs. Visitors can climb to the top of the lighthouse at a cost of IDR 5,000. The peak of the lighthouse itself is one of the most beautiful photo spots in Jogja. We can see the beauty of the baron beach with satisfaction. and we can take pictures with the beautiful background of the baron beach.

In addition, this place also provides a variety of seafood culinary places that we can enjoy to our heart’s content. This beach is also a shopping tour in Jogja, because of the many places selling souvenirs and souvenirs that we will meet here

Lodging around the beach

if we are lazy or do not want to use the camping facilities on this beach. We can take advantage of several hotels or inns around this beach. the distance from the inn to the beach itself is practically very close. so we don’t have to bother to be able to reach this beach by ourselves. some inns that we can use as a place to stay like

  1. Baronsari Inn which is also located on Baron Beach itself. This inn has 9 bedrooms with a nightly rate of Rp. 150,000 to Rp. 300,000. besides that this inn also has facilities that can be considered quite complete and adequate.
  2. New Star Hotel, this inn is also close to Baron beach. the hotel itself has 16 rooms which is a lot. other than that the room rate offered at this place is arguably much cheaper. However, the price offered can change and change at any time
  3. Griya Limasan Gunung Kidul if this one has a fairly far distance, which is about 2 Km from Baron Beach, but the facilities they offer are very complete and adequate. and very pamper us as consumers.
  4. Calida Hotel this place also has a distance to the location of baron beach about 2 Km. The facilities they provide are also very complete and adequate

Location of baron beach and HTM

baron beachThis beach itself is located in the village of Kemadang, Tanjungsari sub-district, Gunungkidul Regency. This beach has a distance of about 40 km from downtown Jogja. the distance is quite far. to be able to reach this place we can just use private vehicles or rental vehicles that we often find in the Jogja area. if it’s the first time to jogja and want to visit this beach, you should rent a vehicle as well as the driver so you don’t get confused on the road

To be able to enjoy the beauty of this beach, we are charged an entrance fee of IDR 10,000 per person. while to be able to climb the tower we are charged Rp 5,000. we can just climb the cliffs on the left and right of this beach. we are only charged sincerely to be able to climb the cliff. the cost will be added if we plan to use the camping ground on the beach. the price offered itself can change at any time.

Well, that was some information about Baron Beach that you should know, hopefully it will be useful.

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