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Baim Wong Teams up with Teddy Soeriaatmadja, Reza Rahadian, and Laura Basuki to play a movie together

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Baim Wong through his entertainment company named Tiger Wong Entertainment, is preparing its first film, in collaboration with Karuna Pictures.

The film entitled “Uninvited guests“This is directed and written by a seasoned director with a myriad of achievements, Teddy Soeriaatmadja.

Baim Wong acts as a producer in this film with Reza Rahadian and Laura Basuki star in movies.
Baim shared that he had been wanting to make a film for a long time. After asking many screenwriters, Baim, who was selective, finally chose Teddy’s story to be worked on as Tiger Wong Entertainment’s first film.

He said, “This year I’ve been looking for a scenario, Mas Teddy has an article that I want. Finding scenarios is really difficult, and I really like Mas Teddy’s writing, on track for each character.”

For this first film, Baim said that his intention was to focus on making good films. “Actually this film is a brave film, if you know the commercial side or not. But with elements such as good actors, director, and the whole team, it’s not all made for fun. For me, it is enough to make a good film and be recognized by people. If 5-10 years from now I still enjoy, that’s enough for me,” he explained.

He then added, “It’s just that sometimes, like on YouTube, or TV shows, or social media, when I understand what people want to watch, a lot of people will watch it. Maybe the formula in the film will work when I understand what the audience wants. This is a drama film with lots of surprises. It’s really fun anyway. We don’t make fun of it.

Regarding the selection of Reza Rahadian and Laura Basuki, “I watch Indonesian films, I like watching them from the beginning. From there, you know what kind of strengths the players have. For this story, so that the details of the drama will come out, I need someone who I can (can) say this is a drama film. If you choose the wrong one, it will just happen. I want Reza and Laura to play. Laura tells the story to the audience, not just plays. If it wasn’t for the two of them, I wouldn’t want to. When I approach, they both like it, because the scenario is good, they join forces. Alhamdulillah now shooting“.

Laura Basuki explained the reason she chose to play in this film was simple, “Of course I wanted to join because it was produced by Baim Wong, directed by Teddy, and his co-star is also Reza, there’s no reason not to join.

The woman who recently won the Silver Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival said, “I think this film will be very interesting because Teddy’s creative side is combined with Baim’s commercial side, maybe this collaboration will make everything perfect.

Reza also shared his admiration for his co-stars and this project, “I am very happy and grateful because of course we can work together again with Teddy Soeriaatmadja, produced by his good friend Baim Wong and one of the biggest reasons is being able to share screens with Laura Basuki again. We haven’t seen each other in a long time. Very interesting story, very complex characters, really fun.”
He further explained, “The film will be very rollercoaster, it will bring the audience’s feelings into a world where emotions go up and down, the audience holds their breath, full of tension, it’s gonna be fun.”

Follow the journey of Tiger Wong Entertainment’s first film “Uninvited Guest”, and let’s see the video interview first

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