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Award for National and International Short Film Works at Minikino Film Week

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Minikino Film Week 7, Bali International Short Film Festival (MFW7) ended on Saturday, September 11, 2021. Located in the Ballroom of Four Star By Trans Hotel, MFW7 closed the event by announcing the winners of the competition and the winners of the best short film awards for each category this year. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of guests present on the closing day was very limited, however, the awarding ceremony was broadcast live on the Minikinoevents YouTube channel.

The series of events started at 15.00 WITA guided by typical jokes and theatrical dances from Seletan Linggis, a group of Teater Kalangan. Then, several videos documenting the atmosphere during the festival, to testimonials from the fans filmmakersvolunteers, spectators, and festival supporters were screened to start the day’s events.

“Film festivals are always a collaboration with many parties, all of whom contribute to the quality of this festival. Therefore, this festival can run well with the support and cooperation of all parties involved.” Said Festival Director Edo Wulia starting the remarks from the core committees of MFW7.

Minikino Film Week 7

Program Director Fransiska Prihadi also expressed her joy that all programs during the festival were finally carried out in a conducive manner. “In 2021 it will be more difficult to hold this festival. But when we all carry the same passion and hope, then we can fight together.”

Then, Director Travel Festival I Made Suarbawa said that since last year MFW has always developed workshop modules that accompany Pop Up Cinema to villages. “Last year we introduced children and youth to how to read pictures. While this year we continue about new media that can be produced with gadgets themselves. As the journey goes on, this module will continue to be developed every year.”

A total of 166 film screenings and Short Film Market events were successfully held at MFW7. It was recorded that in 1997 the audience was present in 14 locations spread across the island of Bali and around 366 views events broadcast online.

Consecutively, the winners of the International Award for each category, among others,

1.MFW7 Best Animation Short went to “Thorns and Fishbones” (director: Natalia Azevedo Andrade, Hungary, 2020);

2.MFW7 Best Audio Visual Experimental Short was won by “Inside” (director: Yann Chapotel, France, 2020);

3. MFW7 Best Children Short went to “Girlsboysmix” (director: Lara Aerts, Netherlands, 2020);

4.MFW7 Best Documentary Short went to “Why Didn’t You Stay For Me” (director: Gevers MilouNetherlands, 2020);

5. MFW7 Best Fiction Short was won by “Makassar Is A City For Football Fans” (director: Khozy Rizal, Indonesia, 2020);

6. MFW7 Programmer’s Choice went to “A Lonely Afternoon” (director: Kyle Credo, Canada, 2020).

Meanwhile, the highest award, namely MFW Best Short Film of the Year 2021, went to “I Am Afraid to Forget Your Face” (director: Sameh Alaa, Egypt, France, Belgium, Qatar, 2020).

For Staying Up Filmmaking Competition 2021 which was held on July 23-24 2021, the winner was “Pro Cast” (director: Immanuel Kurniawan, Victoria Film, Malang, East Java, 2021).

Then for the 2021 MFW National Competition, which is entering its second year at MFW7, “The Bright Future 2040” was won (director: Winner Wijaya, Fiction, 2020) with Special Jury Mention for the films “Chintya” (director: Sesarina Puspita, Fiction, 2019) and “Salmiyah” (director: Harryaldi Kurniawan, Documentary, 2019)

Meanwhile, the Raoul Wallenberg Institute Asia Pacific Award at MFW7 was won by “The Last Breath of the Tonle Sap” (director: Thomas Cristofoletti, Robin Narciso, Cambodia, 2020). Director of the Raoul Wallenberg Institute Asia region, Jason Squire, directly read the winners of the Raoul Wallenberg Institute Asia Pacific Award via video recording.

In closing, winning short films such as the Raoul Wallenberg Institute Asia Pacific Awards, Staying Up Filmmaking Competition 2021 and MFW Best Short Film of the Year 2021 were screened for the audience to see.

The event ended with the announcement of the date for the Minikino Film Week 8, Bali International Short Film Festival, which will be on 2-10 September 2022.

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