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Aum! movie review. – Cinemags

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For those who want to watch the latest Indonesian films with unique storylines and also bring your memories of the dark times of Indonesia in the 1988 (reform) era, you might like this one film.

That said, this film was made because many young people today do not really understand the events that occurred in that era.

The idea to bring the thoughts and conditions at that time was finally poured into the film Aum! This, and deliberately unique in order to attract attention, also emphasizes that at that time, anyone could be anything, for a reason.

For those who think, because this film is about the dark ages of Indonesia, of course it will be boring and uninteresting, they will be amazed at the unique ideas that are carried out in this film.

More acting Jefri Nichol as Satriya/Surya Jatitama, along with Chicco Jericho who plays the role of Panca Kusuma Negara, is also unique. They play the role of a layered character.

Not spared also the attention is the selection of costumes, color tones, how to dress to hairstyles and the dialogues really adapt to the era of 1988.

Storyline built by Bambang “Ipoenk” , Kuntara Mukti, and Gin Teguh indeed provide an explanation and so that young people today must be grateful for the blessings of freedom that are the fruit of reform. Freedom to do many things without fear of repression is the fruit of struggle. Everything that is felt without burden and is considered to be happening right now, by young people, is not without the sacrifices of a time.

In closing the film review Aum! this time, Agnes Natasya Tjie’s acting as Linda Salim was able to give her own distinctive color. It is said that the figure of Agnes, who is playing in a film for the first time, was chosen specifically by director Bambang “Ipoenk”, and indeed Agnes’ acting brings its own charm.

So for those who want to watch the Aum! it can still be watched in online cinemas

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