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Athleisure Rules! Sports Clothing Successfully Upgrading on the Runway Stage

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The trend innovations in the fashion world in the last two years are getting fresher and bolder. With the development of social media and the openness to accepting differences, several new fashion trends have emerged to dominate the old fashion culture which is considered monotonous and only accommodates the needs of certain people. One that stands out on the fashion radar is athleisure. A trend to wear sportswear for a casual style or everyday work look.

Popularity athleisure which is increasingly peaking, making it ogled by the designers high fashion. Rows of well-known fashion houses seem to be compact sporty vibe in collection Spring Summer 2017.

1. Super comfortable material

maximum comfort, athleisure composed of a flexible material and breathable. If you look deeper, retailers Icons like adidas or fashion houses never just choose materials for collections athleisure-his. They also use technique knitting specific to the composition fabric in order to produce premium quality products. Not infrequently the price of a sports bra or leggings can be exorbitant.

2. Cool without efforts

Athleisure Rules!  Sports Clothing Successfully Upgrading on the Runway Stage

Simple but mature design makes fashion athleisure have cool effects without much efforts. Sneakers white color which is an example of the simplest athleisure product that can lift a simple style to a level stylish in an instant. Starting from that, then comes the design sneakers Added innovative heels and made pointed so that it feels more high fashion.

3. Fresh mix and match

Athleisure Rules!  Sports Clothing Successfully Upgrading on the Runway Stage

fashion sports provide new and fresh ideas in mix and match thing. Hoodies are no longer available outerwear boring but a recent millennial fashion investment. DKNY, Vetements, Fenty x Puma are a few names that have succeeded-update design outerwear this is in a very collection fashion.

Rumors Has It, trend athleisure through fashion sports This will be even more popular in 2017. So, don’t hesitate to expand your collection leggings, hoodies and sneakers you, Bella!

Photo source: vogue / Alessandro Garafalo / popsugar / cometrend

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