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ASUS Business, Commercial Product Line and Comprehensive Solution for Business

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ASUS introduces ASUS Business, a product line for the commercial industry that also appears as a comprehensive solution to increase business productivity during this pandemic. ASUS Business offers the best computing devices integrated with industry-standard specialized software.

The ASUS Business product line also comes with premium services and is specifically designed to help business people and institutions in Indonesia maximize their potential. ASUS Business is not only present for enterprise business players, but also SMEs or SMB players, government agencies, and education.

“ASUS is not only superior in consumer and gaming product lines. We also have a very comprehensive line of business products that can be integrated into a reliable ecosystem,” said Jimmy Lin, ASUS Regional Director Southeast Asia.

Plus ASUS’ long experience in presenting the best computing devices coupled with the widest service network in Indonesia makes ASUS Business appear as the most appropriate solution for business people, to government agencies and education.”

For all business lines

ASUS Business is not only here for enterprise-class businesses. ASUS is committed to providing the best devices and services for various lines of business, including SMEs, to government agencies and education.

ASUS is also committed to and fully supports the Domestic Content Level (TKDN) policy imposed by the Indonesian government. All of that is to provide more benefits for business people and the people of Indonesia.

“Our vision is not only to present ASUS Business as the most reliable solution for business people, but also to provide benefits for Indonesia as a whole,” added Jimmy Lin. “Our full support for the TKDN policy.”

In the education sector, ASUS Business has a variety of powerful computing devices such as the Windows-based ASUS BR1100 and ChromeOS-based Chromebook C214. Both are laptops that are specifically designed for use by young students and have been equipped with reliable features.

As for teachers, ASUS Business offers solutions, namely the ExpertBook B1 and B3 Series and the Chromebook CX5 Series which are equipped with more advanced features. Turning to the MSME or SMB sector, ASUS Business has a line of computing devices with low Cost To Ownership (CTO) but still equipped with best-in-class features.

These computing devices include the ASUS ExpertBook B1 and B3 Series laptops that are tough, compact, and practical to support productivity anywhere. In addition, ASUS Business also offers an all-in-one PC ASUS AIO V161 that is practical to use in various business scenarios.

ASUS Business is also very reliable for large-scale businesses or enterprises such as the financial industry line, government, to health. The various lines of computing devices start from the entry-level Expertbook B1 laptop for staff to the premium Expertbook B9 laptop for management-level.

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