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Ashley Graham Ready To Be A ‘Cruel’ Judge on America’s Next Top Model

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The tough one.

Famous as a model plus size and a friendly person, Ashley Graham who is now one of the judges in the model competition America’s Next Top Modelreportedly ‘changed’ into a firm and hard character – according to Rita Ora who is also a judge at ANTM cycle 23.

“Ashley Graham is very tough. Meanwhile I have a soft side! We each have a role,” explained Rita Ora to the website People. Ashley also revealed the reason why she had to be firm with the fans top model: “I’ve received a lot of criticism since I was 16, 17 years old, and some of it is very hurtful and some is very helpful. top modelthe goal is to build them up to something better.”​

At the same time, Rita Ora said she was happy to be a part of the ANTM created by Tyra Banks. “I’ve known Tyra very well, from when I was a fan, until I met her. She has an amazing personality, and she is the same person in real life.”

Curious about what the new ANTM competition will look like, watch the video below.

Photo source: etonline / wallpaperhd

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