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As a result of the Russian attack on the Maternity Hospital in Mariupol, the mother and child she gave birth to died

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TRIBUNNEWS.COM – A pregnant mother and her child have been pronounced dead after a Russian attack on a maternity hospital in the city of Mariupol.

Quoted from AP Newsthe hospital is the location where the mother is supposed to give birth.

According to a report from AP News, after the attack on the hospital, the woman was seen suffering from lower abdominal injuries when rescue teams helped her.

In this image obtained by AP News, the woman’s face looks shocked at what happened to her.

Then, the rescue team immediately took the woman to another hospital.

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Then when they arrived, the doctor from the hospital immediately tried to save the woman.

Realizing that the baby could not be saved, the woman immediately started crying and asked the doctor to just kill her.

Meanwhile, when she arrived at the hospital, a surgeon named Timur Marin stated that the woman had suffered a fracture from the pelvis to the upper thigh.

To save the baby that the woman was carrying, the doctors performed a cesarean section.

However, when the operation was successful, the doctor said there were no signs of life from the baby.

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