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Around 48 Years of godbless – Cinemags

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Paid online concert 48 years godbless which took place last August 31, 2021 which was promoted by ROCKINLILO will be seen again in the edition RERUN & EXCLUSIVE RE-RUN CONCERT 48 YEARS OF GODBLESS” by theme: “STARTING TODAY, RUNNING BACK”which will air at 20.00 until it’s finished, Hari Thursday, October 28, 2021at the same time with YOUTH PLEDGE DAY.

ROCKINLILO as a promoter has succeeded in obtaining ‘BLUE CARD‘ for the success of carrying out the concert with strict Health Protocol (Prokes) procedures. And the Blue Card will be applied in all subsequent activities that are very important to carry out in this pandemic era.

Raiden Soedjono as Project Director ROCKINLILO disclose “The success of the 48-year-old god bless concert – Starting Today, which was held on 31 August is the success of all the teams involved implement strict procedures with totality, good before the eventon during the event and after the concert is done.

Of course the factor successan This event is also not spared from role and support amazing from National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) and National Covid-19 Task Force which means a lot to us, so the event was a success. Thank you from the organizers ROCKINLILO to Head of BNPB Lieutenant General TNI Mr. Ganip Warsito who have supported our event, without support from BNPB, the event that we did on August 31st couldn’t have been done with good results and the most important thing is SAFE from being exposedwith the support from BNPB, this shows that BNPB is also participating in the success of the revival of the music industry in Indonesia, especially during the current pandemic, and this step is in line with the direction and advice of President Joko Widodo regarding support and motivation for creative arts actors and the entertainment world. in the country to be able to stretch and rise again and continue to work even in difficult times in the current pandemic era.

The success of the first large-scale 48-year God Bless Concert in the pandemic era can finally open the door for other fellow promoters to start moving again, as long as the discipline follows the correct PROKES as recommended by BNPB. The hope in the future for Showbiz or performing arts actors is to always get support from BNPB, in the form of directions and facilities on how to implement good and SAFE Health Protocols in the implementation of any event.

As the Indonesian nation, we are very appreciative and proud of the achievements of BNPB which is also recognized by other countries because Indonesia is considered to have been able to reduce the increase in the number of Covid-19 in the country fast and significant.

Thank You Mr. Lieutenant General Ganip Warsito along with the entire BNPB team & the Covid 19 Task Force for their struggle and hard work, I hope that Indonesia will be more secure, with the community’s obedience to PROKES, so that the industry Music performances in Indonesia can bounce back soon

Besides that RAIDEN SOEDJONO confirmed, that in the online concert “RERUN & EXCLUSIVE RERUN – 48 YEAR godbless” on October 28, 2021 later, where there will be a LIVE display of Kotak, Bara Suara & Scaller witnessed directly by God Bless at POS BLOC Jakarta which of course involves around 150 people involved at the site, it is ensured to implement and enforce strict PROKES in accordance with BLUE CARD which is already ROCKINLILO pocket from BNPB for the success of the initial concert.

Complete information and ticket prices on line


Starting todayRestart”:


“48 years godblesss – Starting Today, Starting over”

Organizer : ROCKINLILO

Date and time : Thursday, 28 October 2021

O’clock : 20.00 – 23.00 WIB

Location : (GoPlay)

Ticket Purchase: | | GoTix

Ticket price :

  • Re-Run Category (early concert August 31, 2021) ticket price: Rp. 20.000, –
  • Exclusive Re-Run Category 31 August 2021 with additional Box Live Performance, Barasufig & Scaler Band, ticket price: Rp. 50.000,-

RERUN Category Musicians (Initial concert not live)

  • Isyana Sarasvati, Teza Sumendra, Dul Jaelani & Tissa Biani, Danilla Riyadi, Fadly Padi, Andy /rif, Kikan Namara, Tantri Kotak, Adi Adrian, FourTwnty, Kamila, Ivanka Slank, Krisyanto Jamrud ft. DeadSquadSandy Pas Band, Eet Sjahrani, Stevie Item, Cella Kotak, Eben & Agung Burger Kill, Krisna Prameswara, Eddie Brokoli, Azizah Hanum, Cokie Pardede, Trestan Muslim

Music Category EXCLUSIVE RERUN (show Live)

  • Box, Barasuara and Scaler
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