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Army of Thieves New Trailer Reveals Lots of Exciting and Thrilling Scenes

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Netflix has just released a new trailer for the prequel film Army of the Dead those entitled Army of Thieves. Produced by Zack Snyder and written, directed and starring Matthias Schweighöfer, follows the adventures and journeys of small-town bank teller Dieter who is invited to join a crew of criminals to break into an impossible-to-hack safe in Europe. The film is slated for release on October 29, 2021.

The Army of Thieves trailer begins when Dieter is recruited by a mysterious woman who invites him to break into safes in Europe along with a group of Interpol’s most wanted criminals. By inserting some exciting action and punctuated by a bit of humor that is quite entertaining, it seems that this trailer is enough to make the audience curious.

As noted above, apart from starring in the film, Schweighöefer will also direct the prequel film which will feature a cast such as Nathalie Emmanuel (F9, Game of Thrones), Stuart Martin (Jamestown), Guz Khan (Four Weddings and a Funeral), and Ruby O’Fee (Polar), along with Jonathan Cohen, Noémi Nakai, and Peter Simonischek. Shooting process Army Of Thieves it was actually completed in December 2020 and is now in the final stages of post-production.

This prequel will center on the setting and adventures of Deiter as the main character. Army of the Thieves also confirmed that the prequel will not feature zombies, as the film takes place before the events Army of the Dead and takes place across Europe. In the first film, Las Vegas is the only city in the world hit by a zombie outbreak, so Ludwig is likely to be safe from the attacks of the undead while stealing some European vaults. The real focus of this story is on high-stakes theft while providing fans with Army of the Dead more insight on Dieter.

Here is the official synopsis:

“In this Army of the Dead prequel, small town bank teller Dieter is drawn into the adventure of a lifetime when a mysterious woman recruits him to join Interpol’s crew of most wanted criminals, attempting to steal a sequence of legendary, impossible-to-hack safes across Europe.”

Apart from movies Army of the ThievesNetflix will also present an anime-style miniseries focusing on the origins of Dave Bautista’s character in Army Of The Dead. Series titled Army Of The Dead: Lost Vegas it will see the cast of the original film returning to voice their characters joined by a new cast of voices such as Joe Manganiello, Vanessa Hudgens, Christian Slater, and Harry Lennix.

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