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‘Aris’ Kite Breaks Up Witness Pol Espargaro’s Greatness in Mandalika

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Saturday, 12 February 2022 – 09:01 WIB

VIVA – The first day of the MotoGP pre-season test at the Mandalika Circuit has just ended, Friday 11 February 2022. Honda’s Pol Espargaro managed to be the best.

Down in 69 laps, he managed to score the fastest time of 1 minute 32.466 seconds. The best performance was made by Pol on lap 68.

While in second place was Pol’s brother, Aleix Espargaro who defended Aprilia Racing. He only left a record time of 0.471 seconds.

Aleix himself passed 60 laps of the Mandalika circuit. While the best performance was made on lap 59.

Apparently, the lively Mandalika MotoGP test was witnessed by the original figure of Aris in the Disconnected Kites series. The owner of Youtube Ammar TV, Ricky Zainal is often associated as Aris in the real world.

This was revealed on Ricky Zainal’s Instagram Story, @abuammarfariza. Ricky uploaded footage of the race at the Mandalika Circuit.

The figure of Aris Kites Disconnect is present at the Mandalika Circuit.

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