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Apple Watch Steals The Spotlight Of The World’s Fashion Industry

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Super awesome trend by Apple.

Apple watch, one of the latest products from Apple has managed to steal the attention of world fashionistas. Yup, apart from what we know that Apple is one of the companies that always releases the best products trendy and up to dateApple is also one of the brand which fashion forward very! Curious, what makes Apple? watch to be the prima donna of fashionistas? Let’s follow Popbela’s discussion…

Talking about the type, Apple Watch has three types, namely Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch and Apple Watch Editions. These three types are also made with different materials. There are three natural materials used in Apple Watch including aluminum, steel and gold.

Apple Watch Steals The Spotlight Of The World's Fashion Industry

Aluminum was chosen because it is naturally strong but also lightweight. Apple Watch enthusiasts who prefer aluminum can choose from several colors case from Apple watch that is rose gold, silver, gray and gold.

For steel or steel, it was chosen because it has a beautiful and strong character to be used as the frame of this Apple watch. Multiple colors for case on the Apple watch can also be selected among them stainless steel and black.

Apple Watch Steals The Spotlight Of The World's Fashion Industry

Apple watch fans are also spoiled for choice by choosing an Apple watch with luxurious materials, namely 18 carat gold. In this type there are also several color choices such as rose gold and yellow gold. An Apple watch in gold is included in the Apple watch Edition. In addition, Apple is also working with brands Hermes to make Apple watch edition Hermes.

Apple Watch Steals The Spotlight Of The World's Fashion Industry

For the specifications possessed by these three types of Apple watch, all three have the same specifications. Among them have an internal memory of 8 GB, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, NFC, retina display, heart rate sensor, speakers & microphone and for protective use Ion-X glass, Sapphire crystal. Apple watch also comes in two models, 38mm and 42mm. Fashionistas don’t need to worry, Apple watch also releases various types of straps, including sport band, milanese loop, classic buckle, leather loop, modern buckle and link bracelet.

Apple Watch Steals The Spotlight Of The World's Fashion Industry


1. 3 Ring Set, H&M, IDR 129,000

2. Ring stackH&M, IDR 69,900

3. Ring stackH&M, IDR 69,900

4. Leaf ring, H&M, IDR 89,900

5. 4 Ring set, H&M, IDR 149,900

6. Tribal earrings, H&M, IDR 129,900

7. Round earrings, H&M, IDR 129,900

8. Earrings hoopH&M, IDR 59,900

9. 4 Ring set, H&M, IDR 129,900

10. DressH&M, IDR 799,900

11. Gladiator sandals, H&M, IDR 349,900

12. clutch, H&M, IDR 149,900

13. 4 Stack bracelet, H&M, 129,900

14. Bracelet stacks, H&M, IDR 69,900

15. Bracelet stackH&M, IDR 129,900

16. I-phone caseH&M, IDR 69,900

17. Earrings, H&M, 59,900

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