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Apple Holds Peek Performance March 8, 2022, Releases iPhone SE 5G to iPad Air |

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Apple Event 8 March 2022
Apple Event March 8, 2022 will be the debut of the iPhone SE 5G? (Doc: Apple), Jakarta – Apple will hold an event titled Peek Performance on March 8, 2022 US time. The company has sent out invitations for the online launch of Apple’s newest products.

One of the products rumored to be releasing is the iPhone SE 5G. This iPhone SE 2022 is the third generation of the iPhone SE and as the name suggests, this time has 5G network support.

Not only that, Apple is rumored to be releasing an iPad Air with an increase in 5G support and an A15 Bionic processor. This is similar to the iPad Mini which was released last year.

The following are various product leaks that are strongly suspected to be released at Apple Peek Performance 2022, March 8, 2022, quoted fromThe VergeMonday (7/3/2022).

1. iPhone SE 3 5G

The iPhone SE 5G, which was released at the Peek Performance event, is said to be replacing the 2020 iPhone SE model, as an affordable iPhone.

For information, the first iPhone SE was released in 2016 and has lasted for 4 years before Apple released the second generation iPhone SE in 2020. In this 2022 iPhone SE, Apple will bring more speed support.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reveals that Apple may include the latest A15 Bionic chip, 5G support with millimeter Wave (mmWave), 64GB of internal storage with 128GB/256GB options, but retain the current design and colors. Kuo shared the information through his verified Twitter account.

The previous 2020 iPhone SE came with pretty good deals, especially from chipset the newest one he used. There is a possibility that this latest iPhone SE can borrow the design of the iPhone 13 Mini. Moreover, previously in the report on sales of the iPhone 12 Mini which was not good, it was reported that the iPhone 13 Mini became a cellphone compact lastly Apple.

There is no information about the price, but it is likely that the iPhone SE 3 2022 5G will be priced above USD 399.

Since 5G modems are still expensive, the 64GB storage option is likely to remain if Apple keeps its prices affordable. If Apple keeps its old design, Touch ID will still be there to save costs.

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2. iPad Air Latest Version

The new generation iPad Air display has just been introduced. (Doc. Apple)

The iPad Air comes with a new design that is as stylish as the iPad Pro in 2020. The new design means flat edges, thin bezels, support for Apple Pencil 2, USB Type C, and a Touch ID button.

Meanwhile, the iPad Mini released in 2021 comes with a similar design but upgraded with the latest A15 Bionic processor and 5G support (6GHz Subs and does not support mmWave).

For that reason, it makes perfect sense for Apple to launch an updated iPad Air with support chips A15 Bionic and 5G options.

3. MacBook Air with M2 . Processor

Macbook Air
Apple introduces the latest MacBook Air series. (Doc: Apple)

It’s also quite possible that Apple announced the MacBook Ai with chips M2 at this Peek Performance event. What’s more, the current MacBook Air design dates back to 2018 and was used for debut trials chips Apple M1 in 2020.

The MacBook Air with the M1 is one of the best laptops you can buy in 2020, even if the webcam isn’t great.

Well, in 2022, it’s likely that Apple will update the MacBook Pro design with a better screen and webcam, it’s even possible that this MacBook Air will come with notch.

4. Mac Mini with M series chipset

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The Mac Mini computer was previously rumored to be coming in 2021 but never actually released it.

Now, the only way to harness the power of the new Mi1 Pro and Mi1 Max chips is to include them in the latest MacBook Pro or Mac Mini.

Just for information the current Mac Mini design is from 2010 made big enough to fit optical drives. So, maybe it’s time for Apple to release the Mac Mini with a new design.

Currently, there is only one option for an iMac computer with an M1 processor, which is a 24-inch screen. It’s likely that Apple will release the Mac Mini in Pro and Standard versions with the latest M2 processor.

5. Apple TV Plus up to iOS 15.4

iOS 15
Apple officially announces the presence of iOS 15 at WWDC 2021. (Doc: Apple)

Apple TV Plus is expected to bring more movies and series that customers can watch in 2022.

In addition to this Peek Performance, Apple will introduce their VR / AR product. Even so, this news is uncertain considering there was an issue that previously mentioned the product headset won’t be ready until at least 2023.

Regardless, Apple is likely to introduce software updates iOS 15.4 to users. iOS 15.4 was previously said to allow users to unlock their phones with Face ID even when wearing a mask.

Apple is also likely to release MacOS Monterey and iPad OS 15.4.

What other products will Apple release at the Peek Performance 2022 event? Read on for the information onTekno yes!


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