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Apparently, Indonesia also has a great wall like China!

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Besides Padang City, West Sumatra also has other areas as tourist destinations. Bukittinggi
one of them. Located in the Bukit Barisan Mountain range, making Bukittingi have air
cool one.

Having a variety of destinations, makes Bukittinggi always crowded with visitors. These include the Clock Tower, Ngarai Sianok, Japanese Cave, and the Baanjuang Traditional House. Not only that, there are also
Janjang Saribu or Great Wall of Koto Gadang, which is located at Bukit Apit Puhun, Guguk Panjang,

Janjang Saribu Has Hundreds of Stairs

In the Minang language, janjang means stairs, while saribu means a thousand. Even though,
The number of stairs owned by Janjang Seribu is actually less than 1,000. Saribu
actually has hundreds of steps. So many, people call it having
1000 steps.

Previously, the stairs at Janjang Saribu were used by local residents to transport water from
bottom of the canyon to settlements. This is because there are residential residents at the peak
which is called the Apit Hill.

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The Panorama Is So Amazing

Apparently, Indonesia also has a great wall like China!

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Regardless of the number of steps, Janjang Saribu has an amazing panorama. From up there, you can see the green valley, Sianok Gorge, and Mount Singgalang.

In addition, Janjang Saribu is also decorated with gray walls on the right and left sides. The goal, of course, is to avoid danger, given its location on the side of a cliff.
However, not only as a safeguard, the artistic wall was apparently inspired by
Great Wall of China.

Sure enough, because the distance from end to end is quite long, plus the gray walls on the sides
right and left, making this place similar to the Great Wall of China. No wonder this destination
earned the nickname replica of the Great Wall of China or The Great Wall of Koto Gadang.

Route to Janjang Saribu

Apparently, Indonesia also has a great wall like China!

Finding Janjang Saribu is not difficult, because the location is not far from Ngarai Sianok. From the Panorama Park near the Japanese Hole, you only need to direct the vehicle about 500 meters. When you meet an intersection, take the path to the left. From there, Janjang Saribu is not so far away.

If you use public transportation, take city transportation to Ngarai Sianok. After that, get off at the first bridge at the bottom of the canyon, about 150 meters from Lobang Jebang.

So, are you ready to explore West Sumatra for the great wall like in China? It’s cheaper than having to go all the way abroad.

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