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Anyday Now (Ensilumi) EoS 2021 online opening film today

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The 21st European Union Film Festival (EoS) 2021 Online, has been held today, with the opening film entitled Anyday Now (Ensilumi)

This film is the work of Hamy Ramezan, who makes the audience feel sorry for wasting time and togetherness as a unit with family, after watching it.

Slow paced at the start, the film touches on another side of the lives of immigrants who continue to struggle to get a residence permit in Finland.

This film retains the characteristics of Hamy Ramezan, while still focusing on children’s characters as a storytelling point of view. The audience will be invited to see other things that rarely get attention, but in his hands this thing becomes something alive and the dream of a promising country will soon change shape.

If it is felt so touching, it is because Hamy Ramezan carries this story since he was a child, when he and his family fled the wars in Iran and Iraq with their family, and asked for asylum in Finland.

For those who want to chat with Hamy Ramezan can take part in the Talk session (Film Talk) on September 16, 2021, by first filling out the registration form, as shown in the following video

This film started the screening of 54 films from 23 countries in Europe for 13 consecutive days.

Regarding the selection of the film Anyday Now as the opening film, the Finnish Ambassador, Jari Sinkari, felt it was a matter of pride.

As the closing film for the EoS 2021 festival which will fall on September 27, 2021, is a film from Italy entitled We Are The Thousand by Anita Rivaroli.

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