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Announcement of this winner ends the Indiskop Film Festival 2021

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The Indiskop Film Festival, which has been held since August 2021, has announced the winners for the Short Film Competition program with the theme “My Film My Struggle”.

Indiskop Film Festival succeeded in attracting the enthusiasm of filmmakers to participate in the short film competition.

The announcement and award night will be held on Sunday, October 31, 2021 in collaboration with NET TV, broadcast live via the TonightShowNet youtube channel.

During the registration process, a total of 273 film titles were registered, consisting of 63 documentaries and 210 fiction films. From the submitted works, according to the competition procedure, the committee must select again based on the suitability of the theme and the technical requirements set. The festival program team and jury consisting of, Marcella
Zalianty, Rayya Makarim, Hikmat Dharmawan, Yosep Anggi Noen, Ical Tanjung and Eros Djarot carried out a gradual curation process.

According to Marcella Zalianty, the filmmakers who participated in this competition really gave their best work, to be honest, the judges had a hard time choosing the best from the best. The talents of young filmmakers in the country are truly extraordinary, even though we are currently still facing a pandemic, but the results of their work are not at all.

“In general, the works selected for the nominations have shown a variety of themes and interesting visual approaches. There is the courage to experiment with shapes. The difficulties of living due to the pandemic and the limitations of having to be creative at home alone did not stifle the creativity of the participants. The enthusiasm of these participants is the potential and hope for the development of Indonesian films in the future,” said Hikmat Darmawan, as the jury.

Different from the previous year, Indiskop Film Festival wants to give more appreciation to the short film competition participants by adding winners from various nominations. The winners of the nomination categories are selected based on very strong relevance to the theme of the competition,

“My film, my struggle” and its very high social relevance to the situation due to the pandemic that we are currently facing. Both works are able to interpret the theme into a complete, unified work, and offer an interesting perspective on the situation we are currently facing together. The jury also decided that there will be special awards from the jury to filmmakers through Potential Director, Potential Actor, Potential DOP and Potential Scenario.

This award is given because actually there is so much potential in this event, and it would be a shame if it was not given
opportunity to develop themselves. They were also given the opportunity to study film through a scholarship from the New York Film Academy.

The following is a list of the winners of the Short Film Competition Indiskop Film Festival 2021.

The Best Fiction Short Film was won by Ainul Fikri with the film Try Again.
The Best Documentary Short Film was won by Moses Parlindungan O. With the title Awakened
The Jury’s Choice Short Film (Fiction) was won by M. Faisal Hibatullah with the film title Nebeng (Along The Road)
Jury’s Choice of Short Film (Documentary) won by (Muhammad Anmar R)
The Short Film of the Audience’s Choice was won by Muhammad Rizki Assani with the title film Harapan

Appreciation is given to:
Potential Director to Garry Christian by End of The Tunnel
Potential Actor to Fahrudin Imam N by Bagiyo’s film

Potential DOP to Ahmad Zaidan from the film Nyanyian Teras Rumah
Potential Scenarios for Mustafa and WiwidSeptiadi from the film Group Not Learning
Special appreciation to Vania Klara Asalau through the film Contagion

Announcements and award nights are made online and offline, with the winners on Sunday, October 31, 2021 in collaboration with NET TV broadcast live via the TonighShowNet youtube channel.

The Short Film Competition award night, the Indiskop Festival was the end of a series of festivals that had been held throughout August to October 2021. The Indiskop Festival was held in collaboration with Indiskop, Pegadaian and the New York Film Academy. Supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture,
Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy and others

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