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Angke Kapuk Tourism Park in Jakarta, which is a must-visit

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Jakarta is still a city worth exploring. For those of you who live in Jakarta and are confused about finding a place for a weekend getaway, there’s really no need to be confused. Because if you want to go a little further, you will find many interesting tourist objects. Not only Puncak Bogor can be visited for a vacation, but the Angke Kapuk Tourism Park at Pantai Indah Kapuk is also worthy of being used as a Jabodetabek Nature Tourism destination during holidays or weekends. Here are some explanations about this tourist attraction.

Privileges of Angke Kapuk Tourism

Do you like beach and mangrove forest tours? If yes, then this attraction is one of the attractions that you might like. Moreover, the atmosphere there is still very natural and close to nature. No need to go far to travel nature in Jakarta. By visiting the Angke Kapuk Tourism Park, the desire for natural tourism will be achieved easily.

This tourist attraction is a mangrove forest which has an area of ​​​​approximately 99.82 hectares or almost 100 hectares. Of course there will be many things that can be found there and are worth exploring when traveling. The main tourism concept offered is of course the mangrove forest. Seen from the area which does have mangrove forests that are still natural and green. When traveling there, visitors will get a tourist atmosphere with a breezy breeze and of course far from the hustle and bustle of Jakarta’s urban area.

Tourists can also enjoy various tourist facilities that are quite complete. Traveling with children can also be done at this Children’s Tour in Jakarta to introduce them to mangrove forest vegetation and its various functions to resist seawater abrasion. This location is also a cool location for taking pictures or photo spots. There are even some couples who take pre-wedding photos in this place.

Angke Kapuk Tourism Locations and Routes

Angke Kapuk Tourism Locations and RoutesThe location of the Angke Kapuk Tourism Park is on Jalan Garden House, Pantai Indah Kapuk Area, Kamal Muara, Jakarta. To visit there, you can come from 07.00 to 18.00 WIB. Because it is in the capital city, of course, access to it is quite easy. Here are some accesses that you can choose if you use a private vehicle.

  • If you are coming from Pluit Toll Road, exit via Muara Karang. Then enter the Pantai Indah Kapuk area and head towards the Tzu Chi School.
  • If you are coming from the Soekarno Hatta Airport Toll Road, exit via the Muara Kapuk toll road and go to the Pantai Indah Kapuk area, and head towards the Tzu Chi School.
  • If you are coming from the JORR Lingkar Barat toll road, exit directly towards Pantai Indah Kapuk, then head towards Tzu Chi School.

In addition to private vehicles, traveling to this tourist attraction can be done quite easily even if only by using public transportation. If you come by public transportation, you can use the Transjakarta bus heading towards Pluit, which is corridor 12. Then go to the Penjaringan bus stop. From this stop, you can take city transportation with the code B01 heading to Muara Karang. Get off at Pizza Hut Muara Karang. From there, switch to city transportation with the code U11 to go to Pantai Indah Kapuk.

Angke Kapuk Tourism Facilities

Angke Kapuk Tourism FacilitiesWhen you first enter the Angke Kapuk Tourism Park area, you will be greeted with a parking lot and an entrance. By paying the entrance ticket, you can get in there. Inside, there will be several facilities that are quite complete for traveling as well as for interesting photo spots in Jakarta. Here are some of the facilities available at Angke Kapuk Tourism.

  • Mosque on stilts on the water – For visitors who want to worship. The location is near the entrance.
  • Deposit box – For visitors who feel their luggage is heavy, they can leave it there so that it is not complicated when walking around.
  • Canteen – For visitors who want to eat or drink after a tired walk, considering that visitors are not allowed to bring food from outside to enter the tourist area.
  • hall building – To hold various events in the tourist area.
  • Camping area – Campground for holding school events and so on. There is also a large area to hold outbound events.
  • animal cage – In this tourist park there is also an animal cage, namely a monkey cage.
  • Watchtower – For visitors who want to see birds and so on.
  • Game – There are several rides that can be tried such as boats and so on.
  • Mangrove forest – Visitors can take a walk to enjoy this tourist area on wooden bridges to explore the mangrove forest. This facility is also suitable for educational tours in Jabodetabek regarding mangrove forests.
  • Camping house – For visitors who want to stay in a tent house on the water.
  • Villa accommodation – For visitors who want to stay at the inn at a certain price.

Angke Kapuk Tourism Entrance Ticket Prices

If you want to visit Angke Kapuk Tourism Park, here are some things you need to know about the entrance ticket price and the prices of some of the facilities in it. I hope this helps,

  • Local adult entrance ticket price IDR 25,000
  • Entrance ticket price for local children IDR 10,000
  • Entrance ticket price for foreign tourists IDR 250.000
  • Two-wheel parking price IDR 5,000
  • Four-wheel parking price IDR 10,000
  • Six-wheel parking (bus) price IDR 50,000
  • Camping ground rental price IDR 300,000 per night (2 people)
  • The price for renting a camping house with AC is IDR 600,000 per night (2 people)
  • The price for renting a camping house without air conditioning is IDR 450,000 per night (2 people)
  • Rental prices for villas start from IDR 1,300,000 to IDR 6,000,000 per night
  • The ticket price for canoeing is IDR 100,000 per 45 minutes
  • The ticket price for a boat with a capacity of 6 people is IDR 250,000
  • The ticket price for a boat ride with a capacity of 8 people is IDR 350,000

For visitors who bring a camera other than a cellphone camera, a separate tariff will be charged, namely by paying Rp. 100,000, because basically it is forbidden to bring a camera, except for a cellphone camera. As for couples who want to make this location a Prewedding Place in Jakarta, the fee is IDR 1,500,000.

Those are some explanations about Angke Kapuk Tourism Park as a natural tourist attraction in Jakarta which is suitable for enjoying mangrove forest tourism. Visit these attractions with your family and children to make it more interesting and exciting during the holidays. Hopefully the above information can be helpful and useful for you.

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