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Anggun C. Sasmi Uploads Photos of Children, Considered Twins

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CANTIKA.COM, Jakarta – Singer, Anggun C. Sasmi uploaded a photo of her daughter, Kirana Cipta Montana, front view with her husband, Christian Kmretschmar, on her Instagram account, February 5, 2022. Although this is not the first debut of Kirana’s face on her mother’s social media page, Anggun is known to very rarely upload it to protect the princess.

“#ACK #AnggunCristianKirana #AkuCintakamu,” he wrote in the caption of the two photos he uploaded showing their family together.

In the photo, it looks like Kirana has inherited a beautiful Indonesian face from her mother. Her face is a complete duplicate of her mother’s plus long, straight hair. Many netizens say that this French-Indonesian mulatto girl is very similar to Anggun.

“Kirana photo copy from Anggun,” wrote @singo ***. “Kirana is so mini you,” wrote @debby****. “Kirana is Anggun Jr,” wrote @elly ***. “Kirana is so beautiful, she looks like her mother,” wrote @lidia***. There are also those who commented that Kirana’s face, which looks like her, will become a potential ambassador for a shampoo product that is now attached to her mother. “Kirana next BA Pa*t*ne. Do you agree,” wrote @yadie***.

So far, in order to protect her daughter’s privacy, Anggun C. Sasmi has refused to show the face of her only child. He always puts a sticker on Kirana’s face or takes a photo of her child from another angle. However, as Kirana grows older, Anggun is no longer afraid to show her daughter. Several times he uploaded Kirana’s face on his Instagram account, such as when he decorated the Christmas tree and when he voiced the French version of the film Disney Raya and the Last Dragon.

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