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Amir Khan Angry Kell Brook Alludes to Racism and Masturbation Controversy

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Amir Khan accused Kell Brook of racism after his nemesis allegedly threatened to destroy his ‘poppadom chin’. That hate speech is heating up the fight Amir Khan vs Kell Brook which will be held next Saturday in England.

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The two former world champions have been feuding for more than a decade and will finally settle their differences in Manchester on Saturday. And British-Pakistani boxer Khan used Thursday’s press conference to bring up a video of trash talk that he felt was too much.

“I saw a video that Kell did the other day where he said he was going to destroy my ‘poppadom chin’. It sounds racist to me, I want to know why he said that,” protested Amir Khan.

Kell Brook tried his best to explain and divert the situation when Sky Sports presenter Adam Smith interrupted to calm himself and change the topic. It was the second controversial moment of the press conference because moments earlier Brook had accused Amir Khan of ‘licking’ on a porn site.

The boos refer to leaked images that surfaced of Amir Khan allegedly masturbating via video call in 2017. The more publicable comments came at the start of the conference when Khan said: ”I’m worried about Kell’s health after the beating I gave him, it will be like something he has never felt before,”he said.

“I will put him in his place, after 10 years I will put him in his place. He’s been obsessed with me, a fanboy, I’ve lived in his head for so long that I owe him rent.”

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Amir Khan vowed to quickly end his feud with Kell Brook in the ring tomorrow. “But we’ve talked enough now, so I just wanted to get in the ring and do some work on him.”

Kell Brook snapped back by revisiting their career in the amateurs. “It goes back to our amateur days, he used to win championships with his weight and I did the same with the weights on him,” he said.

“He did well at the Olympics and got a big paycheck, we both signed with Frank Warren and promised to fight but in interviews he would say he doesn’t know who I am. Saturday night.”


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