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Already know? It turns out that these are 5 reasons why you are often the target of mosquito bites!

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Extreme weather changes are indeed a sign that we are entering the transition season. Various diseases have sprung up, especially now that we are in the middle of a pandemic. There are many diseases that accompany Covid-19, one of which is dengue fever or dengue fever caused by the bite of the dengue mosquito.

5 Reasons Why You Are Often Targeted by Mosquito Bites

Often we are not aware of mosquito bites that come to us. Therefore, in this transitional season, we must continue to be vigilant. Talking about mosquito bites, what are the real reasons why we are targeted by mosquito bites? Let’s know, Beauties!

1. Warmer Body Temperature

Warm Body Temperature is the Reason for Mosquito Bites/Freepik/Stocking’

Mosquitoes love warm or hot temperatures. So that mosquitoes can capture the target bite signal from the heat generated by the body. In addition, mosquitoes will approach warm temperatures according to their desired tastes.

2. Favorite Smell

Mosquitoes love smell
Preferred Smell Causes Mosquito Bites/Pexels/Ravi Kant

Lactic acid and ammonia are compounds favored by mosquitoes. If our skin contains these compounds on the skin, then don’t be surprised when we are often the target of mosquitoes.

Well, this can also be inherited by genetic factors, if our body smells the same as the scent that mosquitoes often bite, for example our family, then we are very likely to be the target of mosquito bites.

3. High Carbon Dioxide Level

High Carbon Dioxide Level
High Carbon Dioxide Levels Cause Mosquito Bites/Pexels/Pavel Danilyuk

We emit CO2 (carbon dioxide) when we breathe, the levels will increase when we do a lot of activities, such as exercising. Mosquitoes look for prey through CO2, so if we are people who have high carbon dioxide levels by doing various activities, then don’t be surprised if you fall prey to mosquito bites.

Well, usually people who have high carbon dioxide levels with a warm body temperature are pregnant women. Therefore, pregnant women must be aware of our condition in the middle of this pandemic.

4. Dark Color

Dark Color
Dark Colors Are the Reason for Mosquito Bites/Pexels/cottonbro

In addition to looking for prey by looking for a certain smell, mosquitoes also like dark colors. If we don’t want to be the target of mosquito bites, then we can avoid wearing black clothes and other dark colors.

5. Consuming Alcoholic Drinks

Consuming Alcoholic Drinks
Consuming Alcoholic Drinks Is the Reason for Mosquito Bites/Pexels/Campus Production

Alcoholics need to be aware of this because mosquitoes are very attracted to people who consume alcoholic beverages. Even drinking one glass of beer can attract mosquitoes to make us a target for their bites.

In addition to the five reasons above, if we are ever or even frequently bitten by mosquitoes, then we will continue to be the target of mosquito bites. This is because mosquitoes remember and recognize the scent of the host they have bitten.

From these five reasons, we can conclude that it turns out that mosquitoes are picky prey to be bitten. Well, Beauties, if we have one of the above reasons and are often the target of mosquito bites, then we should be wary. Do not let the dengue mosquito that stalks us as a target for its bite.

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