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Alluding to Beauty, These 7 KDramas Raise Body Shaming Issues

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body shaming is a phenomenon that is still often found in society. body shaming is a form of action that insults and vilifies a person’s body, such as by saying fat, skinny, ugly, black, and others.

Not a lot of action body shaming this leads to bullying. This will certainly damage the mental and self-confidence of someone who is affected body shaming.

Issue body shaming Even more angry, South Korean filmmakers are interested in making it the main way of a story in a drama. At least the following seven dramas successfully mention that beauty does not have a fixed standard.

1. True Beauty (2020)

True Beauty is a popular KDrama webtun adaptation entitled My Secret Angel Yoongi’s masterpiece. This drama stars Cha Eun Woo, Moon Ga Young and Hwang In Yeop.

True Beauty tells the story of the teenage years of a girl named Lim Ju Kyung (Moon Ga Young) who has a face that does not match beauty standards. He was often the object of ridicule from his friends when he was a child. He is also in bully by his school friends and finally Ju Kyung transfers schools.

Ju Kyung also changes schools and changes her appearance. This automatically makes Ju Kyung a popular student at the new school and has many friends.

2. Perfume (2019)

Perfume is a KDrama that has a fantasy genre, played by Shin Sung Rok, Ko Won Hee, Cha Ye Ryun, and Kim Min Kyu. This drama tells the story of Min Jae Hee (Ha Jae Sook) who is a housewife. She also became the backbone of the family because her household was destroyed because of her husband’s infidelity.

This affair happened because Jae Hee was considered unattractive by her husband. This is what made Jae Hee despair and had planned to commit suicide and kill her husband, Kim Tae Joon.

However, his suicide attempt was thwarted because he got a mysterious package containing magic perfume. The perfume has a magical power that can make Jae Hee into a beautiful young woman.

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3. My ID is Gangnam Beauty (2018)

My ID is Gangnam Beauty tells about the life of a shy teenage girl named Kang Mi Rae (Im Soo Hyang). Since childhood he has been the object of ridicule by his friends because he has a face that is considered bad.

Upon entering college, Kang Mi Rae decided to have plastic surgery to change her appearance. However, soon the secret of plastic surgery was revealed and spread throughout the campus environment.

Using another actress to play the teenage Kang Mi Rae, drama production team My ID is Gangnam Beauty never shows the past face of the teenage character. Because they don’t want to set someone’s standard of beauty just because of their appearance.

4. The Miracle (2016)

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The Miracle or My Secret Diary is a KDrama that tells about twin brothers Kwon Shi Ah and Kwon Shi Yeon who have different fates. Shin Ah was born with a beautiful face and good physique. While Shi Yeon was born with a face cubby and fat body.

That’s what made Shi Yeon di bully and made fun of by his friends at school. He was often the object of abuse and even ostracized by many people at his school.

Until one day, the lives of Kwon Shi Ah and Kwon Shi Yeon turned around. Their souls swapped, Shi Ah felt the pain of her twin sister. Meanwhile, Shi Yeon feels how to have many friends and be liked by many people.

5. She Was Pretty (2015)

She Was Pretty presents an entertaining romantic comedy genre. This drama tells the story of Kim Hye Jin (Hwang Jung Eum) who as a child had a beautiful face, was humble, and was very popular.

However, as he grew older he experienced a change in his red face. Her hair also became less organized, causing her appearance to be not as beautiful as when she was a child.

On the other hand, Ji Sung Joon (Park Seo Joon) as a child actually had a fat body which made him often the victim of ridicule by his friends at school.

The two meet again as adults, but unfortunately Sung Joon doesn’t recognize his childhood friend. Even so, he actually fell in love with Hye Jin who appeared as she was.

6. Birth of A Beauty (2015)

Birth of A Beauty raise the issue of body shaming starring Joo Sang Wook, Han Ye Seul, Jung Gyu Woon, and Wang Ji Hye. Released in 2014, the story in this drama centers on the character Sa Geum Ran (Han Ye Seul) who is the wife of Lee Kang Joon (Jung Gyu Woon).

Sa Geum Ran must feel the disappointment of her husband’s unfair treatment. After getting married, Sa Geum Ran suffers from obesity which makes her appearance unattractive in the eyes of her husband. That’s what caused Lee Kang Joon to have an affair.

As a result of the affair, Sa Geum is depressed until one day he gets into an accident. Because of the accident, Sa Geum decides to have plastic surgery and begins to take revenge for the actions of her husband and mother-in-law.

7. Oh My Venus (2015)

Oh My Venus is a Korean drama that tells about a woman who was dumped by her lover. This drama also raises the issue of body shaming starring So Ji Sub, Shin Min Ah, Sung Hoon, and Henry.

Oh My Venus tells the story of a woman who suffers from obesity named Kang Joo Eun (Shin Min Ah). Obesity is what caused him to be dumped by his lover.

Shortly after he gets dumped, he meets Kim Young Ho (So Ji Sub), a fitness trainer who has trained Hollywood stars. Since then, Joo Eun decided to go on a strict diet and change her appearance.

Body shaming is an action that can be bad for the victim who experiences it. Therefore, we must always keep our words and actions so as not to hurt others. The seven dramas above can also give an idea of ​​how hurt and disappointed the people affected are body shaming.

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