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Allow hate speech to be uploaded, these are swear words for Putin that are allowed on Facebook

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Facebook CEOs Mark Zuckerberg and Vladimir Putin. PHOTO/ IST

MENLO PARKFacebook announced it would relax rules on hate speech after claiming Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was increasingly worrying.

Facebook will allow users to make statements that ‘encourage military and Russian leaders including Vladimir Putin to die as a result of the attack’. Like the word cursed, die, murderer, slayer, and perish.

However, such statements should not be made publicly.

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“Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Facebook will temporarily allow users to express anger, condemnation and criticism of Russia, including ‘praying for their death’.

“However, statements in the form of malicious threats may not be made to the public,” Facebook parent company Meta said in a statement.

Permission will be granted to Facebook users in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia and Ukraine.

Facebook and several other US tech companies imposed a suspension on Russian media because of the war and in response, Russia also blocked access to social media including Twitter.

The situation prompted Russia to join China and North Korea in blocking social media networks from the US.

Besides that, Russia has also taken firm steps by introducing media laws that see any media organization reporting fake news or sources can be prosecuted.

The move led many Western media to suspend or temporarily suspend their operations in Russia citing concerns for the safety of officers.


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