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All of Us Are Dead Talks About Youth Issues Amid Zombie Attacks

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All of Us Are Dead is not a zombie-themed Korean drama like most. Taking the school background, this drama also discusses social issues that occur among teenagers.

This drama, directed by Lee JQ, tells the story of a group of students who are trapped in a school when a zombie virus spreads. All of Us Are Dead is based on the popular webtoon of the same name.

“Because this drama is based on a legendary webtoon, the actors and I naturally feel pressure and responsibility,” said Lee JQ.

We first met the creator of the webtoon, writer Chun. We talked about wanting to bring this drama to life. We wanted to tell a story that makes people think about what a human should be like in life. What it means to be a human. So we had the desire to make This series is fun, but it also makes viewers think.”

All of Us Are Dead Photo: (doc. ist)

All of Us Are Dead covers big issues from bullying at school to teenage pregnancy. Lee JQ also claimed to have a reason for combining this problem with the zombie genre.

“Maybe it seems like the issues in this drama happen in schools, but if we look again, this problem can happen anywhere. After you finish watching, you will feel that the problems that occur here are very universal,” explained Lee JQ.

“When I was little, when someone jumped into the river, all the children would help their friends. But when they grow up, people don’t jump right in but think about how to save their friends and themselves. This drama is meant to be want to teach something to adults. How teenagers make decisions in a state between life and death will make adults think a lot,” he concluded.

All of Us Are Dead will air for 12 episodes. This drama can be watched on Netflix starting today, Friday (28/1).

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