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Alif Ba Ta Fingerstyle Phenomenon – LINTAS GAYO

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By : Fauzan Azima*

Almost all world musicians have seen the appearance of Alif Ba Ta playing a guitar through his YouTube channel. Maybe they underestimated before witnessing the man whose real name is Alief Gustakhiyat (31 years) from Ponorogo, East Java before witnessing it firsthand. No one could hold back his praise after seeing him play the guitar to perfection.

The world is currently experiencing a fever with Alif Ba Ta’s performance. Everyone wants to know his prowess in strumming the guitar strings, mixing the sounds of bass, melodies, piano, as well as gejrengan with the right tempo. The average reaction of their admiration by asking “How did he do that?”

There must be something more to it than just guitar playing. His appearance is a calm soul (ya ayyuhan lust mutmainnah) with a number poster background, alphabet letter poster, a cigarette in an ashtray and black coffee. It was simply too simple a property to use for a god-tier skill endowment. But it is in the simplicity that lies the clue.

In general, the use of simple properties reminds us all to live modestly and not excessively as a form of love for others and so that others do not build hatred towards us because of heart disease, namely jealousy.

Then we detail each property one by one. We start with a number poster starting from 0 to 9. The poster teaches us all, no matter how much money we have, it’s just a sequence of numbers one and so on. We should not be proud of wealth.

If Allah (SWT) took those numbers away, it would no longer mean that we have money.
We have misjudged people and the amount of wealth or money they have.

A person who wanders and studies for years, then returns to his village, the community measures his success with the amount of wealth and money he has brought. It’s a standard that destroys human mental and morals. So to achieve that standard they want to corrupt, steal and cheat.

alphabet letter poster; a, b, c and so on are warnings to us that one of the human creeds is “Lamutakallimun” because we are really poor Illallah. Without the alphabet we are speechless. Now is not the time to build unproductive debates. Many television programs show dialogues that end up causing hostility between groups.

Coffee, which was originally a substitute for dates, was later privileged with “prayer Alif” which reads “With Alif, Allah is the One Who Lives again; make people smell coffee flowers, eat coffee and drink coffee, it will make it easier for people to become lovers of Allah.”

Apart from the debate among scientists about the importance of smoking, it is a form of affection for small people. Tobacco farmers and cigarette rolling workers are portraits of poor people who need our love. Suppose the cigarette factory is closed because we don’t smoke. How is our social responsibility towards their fate.

Several years ago, our country had a ring stone fever. It is actually the same as the Alif Ba Ta fingerstyle phenomenon as a warning and reflection, just as we clean and rub stones to make them shiny, so our hearts must be renewed by always purifying them through dhikr, muhasabah or what is called tazkiatun nafsi.

Tomorrow we celebrate the feast of qurban and let’s make qurban which in essence is sincerity as Alif Ba Ta’s fingerstyle plays the guitar and listens to the rhythm to all of us. Happy Eid Al-Adha 1441 Hijri. Forgive me body and soul.

(Mendale, Thursday, July 30, 2020)



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